Designer dog harness; neoprene dog harness.


Is Spring in bloom where you are? When we lived in New York, this time of year was one of my favorites because it had warmed up enough to know that winter was behind us. And, there was a fair amount of snow this year, if you live up north or out west. But, whether you live in a cold climate during winter or warm, there’s nothing quite like those vibrant spring colors and beachy vibes. And, one of my favorite brands has some wonderful choices for spring/summer for the discerning, stylish and practical (but, not boring) pet parent.

I’m talking about Hunter and the summer functional fashion they have to offer. From neoprene harnesses in sorbet colors to the especially vibrant Maui and waterproof Convenience collections, from nautical beds and bags to the muted, canvas New Orleans line, I’m smitten and I think you will be, too!

Let’s take a look!

Ahoy, Captain!

A designer dog bed with a nautical look in red and white stripe cotton canvas.


A designer dog bed with a nautical look in navy and white cotton canvas.Classic and always chic, the Hunter nauticals never go out of style. The Nordenay striped bed comes in bright red and white or navy and white, and is 100% cotton. I love the orange handle on each for easy transport. It’s a great travel companion because it’s light weight.


A designer dog bag in cotton canvas red and white stripe

A designer dog bag in cotton canvas blue and white stripe


If you love nautical stripes, the Colore carry bag is a perfect companion piece for small dogs. Made from sturdy canvas in either red/white or navy/white, there are contrasting khaki canvas straps, a carabiner to secure your dog and a poop bag pouch. This bag is made for dogs under 16 lbs. It’s dimensions are: Length – 15.7″; Width – 7.5″; Height – 11.8″

Both of these items are under $100, yet they are luxury pieces.

If you love color…

you’ve come to the right place! The Maui, Convenience and Neoprene collections pop with color and there’s lots to choose from.

Designer dog collars. These colorful collars are in a mesh material.

The Maui Vario Plus Collection is a gorgeous, lightweight collar and leash made with a diamond mesh fabric. It looks delicate but it’s very sturdy and I love the contrasting color piping. A reflective strip adds safety at night and the integrated slider means it’s very adjustable.

Designer dog collars and leashes. This turquoise leash is in a mesh material.

Designer dog collars and leashes. This bright red leash is in a mesh material.


This is a look that turned my head when I first saw it at Global Pet Expo. The yummy colors are Turquoise, Bright Red, Tangerine Orange, Black, Grey.

Waterproof dog collar and leash. These collars come in great colors shown here.

The Convenience Collection is also vibrant, but is made from a strong, flexible, soft type of plastic mixture material with a neoprene lining. This is one great-looking collar, perfect for dogs who love the water, sports or just standing out in a crowd. My friend Barbara in New York went gaga over it at Global and got one for her dog, Lexi. Here’s Lexi in her turquoise Convenience Collar, which Barb paired with a Maui turquoise leash (with that cool, yellow piping). Already, a bunch of her dog park pet parents have asked where they can get one of their own. We had a customer in the Boutique at Bark & Swagger who searched for a month as to where he could get one and was so happy when he found us, he got really excited about ordering his dog’s collar and leash.

Waterproof dog collar and leash. This is a Turquoise training leash.

Waterproof dog collar and leash. This is a Bright Pink leash.


The Convenience Leash comes in a regular length of 47.2″ or you can also choose a training leash that has a double clasp, one of which unhooks to create a 78.7″ leash.

And the colors! Bright! Tangerine, Neon Yellow, Bright Pink, gorgeous Turquoise and the classic Black and Grey. Love this collection!

Designer dog harness; neoprene dog harness in tangerine orange and white.

Designer dog harness; neoprene dog harness in 2-tone blue.

For those who prefer harnesses, the neoprene harness collection is a perfect mix of nylon webbing and neoprene will take your dog from hiking to beach play, from city scapes to country cruising. Tangerine and white, lime and sky blue, raspberry and black and cerulean blue are just some of the colors to choose from.

Designer dog collars and leashes. This is a tangerine orange neoprene leash.

Designer dog collars and leashes. This is a neoprene 2-tone blue leash.

A matching neoprene leash is also available.

Beachy vibes…

Designer dog collars and leashes. These collars have a beachy vibe in canvas with stripes.

If you love muted color that looks fresh yet a bit wind and sand worn, the New Orleans Collection is perfect. I love the stripe down the middle and the colors – dove grey, natural or navy. There’s a comfort to this look. I can imagine walking along the beach or laying in the sunshine on a wide plank deck. Made from durable canvas, these collars and matching leashes are both practical and pretty.

Designer dog collars and leashes. This is a striped canvas leash in navy.

Designer dog collars and leashes. This is a canvas beachy leash in dove grey with stripes.

Who wants to play?!

A waterproof dog toy in neoprene. A frisbee.

Does your dog love to play fetch in the pool or at the beach? Hunter has a collection of water friendly toys  for dogs of all sizes that are bright, colorful and fun. I chose the frisbee aqua toy to highlight. It’s lightweight and tough, made from neoprene. It’s bright colors make it easy to spot and it’s just as effective on land as in the water.

Plush dog toy. This one is a soft cat.

Plush dog toy. This is a soft dog.

Plush dog toy. This is a soft frog made for small dogs.


For plush toy lovers, Hunter’s collection of Dilley toys consist of charming creatures: the Dilley dog, cat or frog. Made from super soft poly, the Dilley collection is squeakerless, so Fido can play but mom and dad’s space stays peaceful. The Dilley’s are made for small dogs.



Hunter is one of the most sought-after luxury pet brands in all of Europe. A three-decade long, family-owned business in Germany, they set the highest standards for quality in pet accessories. To own a Hunter piece says you’re discerning about quality and comfort and you want a timeless look that is made to last. These products are hand-crafted in Germany. We own and love the Hunter brand and you can, too!

All of the pieces highlighted in this post are now available in the Boutique at Bark & Swagger, so come over and choose the beautiful pieces that speak to you and life with your dog.

Shop Hunter.

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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