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A feast of new fashion was presented at this year’s Global Pet Expo, and I couldn’t get enough of it! From Paris-made pillows to Nepalese bags, from sports gear to cold weather gear, I found some fresh brands doing innovative things and I’m going to share it all with you! Some of these items aren’t yet available to us to buy yet, so if there’s no site URL, that’s why. You’re getting the real scoop! So, no need to troll the aisles, I’ve collected my top 10 curated faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 right here.


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on

Dog Body

Wendy and daughter, Jordan, Miller’s brand is both fashion-forward and functional, taking a classic design and making it solve an everyday problem. Miller’s basic black EVReady Pet Coat ™ was the first, with a cute red plaid lining, to incorporate the patent-pending inner harness, so your dog can step into the coat, you zip it up and out they go. Now, they’ve added a vintage collection I love and a raincoat style in an assortment of bright colors that says spring!


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on


Le Sharma Trading

These pet carry bags stopped me in my tracks. They are absolutely beautiful. When I found out they were designed and hand-crafted by women in Nepal, I liked them even more. When I found out Pravin Sharma, the owner of the company, sent these women to Katmandu, the capital of Nepal to train them when they lost their husbands after the king’s assassination, I had no doubt I wanted to highlight these. The wool bags come in gorgeous, vibrant colors with thoughtful and great detailing. Cat owners, they also made a super cool Cat Cave, with matching throw rugs.


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on

The Can Toy

I’m a big pop culture fan and these are the Andy Warhol’s of the dog world. It looks like you know who’s can, but it’s not. Coming in cool green, tangerine orange, bright purple, super tough dog black and for puppies pink, Sodapups, the brand behind the toy, has a hit that makes us smile and our doggies smile. After all, you can stuff ’em with treats and let your pup work it out. And, this is a Fair Trade dog toy made from natural rubber, a renewable resource and raw material. Gotta love that!


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on


Are you passionate about sports? This cool company is the only one that makes collars and leashes out of the same leather used for footballs, baseballs and soccer balls. I loved their line and think you will, too. And what’s great is you can personalize with either your fave team or your pet’s name. Gamewear started with a human collection, so guess what? Yup, you can share with your pup! Amazon.


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on www.BarkandSwagger.comGlobal2015-bowandarrow blue shockwave-551283_wpshockwaveblue_mainBow and Arrow

I visited their booth last year and was super impressed with the strides they’ve made since. I love the waterproof leashes, created from a newer form of vinyl called TPU, that is softer and more pliable than PVC. With vibrant colors and patterns incorporated into the plastic, they were very stylish are are stink proof. The blue one above, which also comes in a red print, has a shockwave feature for heavy pullers. They also had coiled, waterproof leashes in neon green and pink that extend to six feet. Loved those, too!


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on

Martin Sellier

Designed and made in France, my favorites were the dog pillows, created by well-known Parisian artist Teo Jasmin. Purely from her imagination, Jasmin sketches and makes these adorable dogs on beautiful pillows using a sublimation technique. Each dog has a name and a back story. Imagine that!


Kit-Cat Clocks small

Kit-Cat Clocks

Do you remember these? I do and have always loved them. Created in 1932 by designer Earl Arnault (1904-1971) to bring joy to Americans during a very rough post-Depression patch, the Kit-Cat clock’s signature is its wagging tail, rolling eyes and contagious smile. Today, they come in all colors, with feminine pearls and longer eyelashes or more masculine bow ties and mustaches. A must have for lovers of vintage and popular culture. Amen! Amazon.


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on

Bessie and Barnie

Bessie and Barnie were one of the originals to make the bagel bed that zips around so you can easily pull out the stuffing and clean the cover. Their beds are beautiful and offer some new features, but that’s for another day. Another product, called A Message in a Pillow, also caught my eye. These pillows for the home come in any of their fabrics, with a fabric greeting card sewn on the front. The pillow can feature a picture of your dog and the “card” can contain either an existing message or one you create yourself. I love that the company is formulating a partnership with Cesar Milan’s charity to help fund the rehabilitation of military service dogs returning from duty, so they can find forever homes. Stay tuned for more info as this develops.


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on


My Top 10 Curated Faves from Global Pet Expo 2015 on

Parisian Pet

Fresh from the nursery, pale blue and baby pink striped, terry cloth carriers for small pets were so precious, I had to include here. Their cotton candy terry houses in pink or blue also made me smile. While the carriers are not yet available, the houses/pet beds are! Amazon.


Doggequin smaller


This product was just so cool, even though it may not be something for everyone, I had to include. These are dog mannequins that look like pieces of art. They’re made from a fiberglass material, and come in several breeds, sizes and colors, including chrome, high gloss white and black. A beautiful piece of sculpture for the home or to showcase worthy dog fashion.


There you have it! My fave raves in fashion from Global this year. There is so much to go through at this show, I could fill many posts, but suffice to say, if you stay tuned, I’ll be bringing you more of what I loved in the coming days.

What makes for a great piece of dog fashion for you? 

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