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It was a whirlwind three days at the Global Pet Expo, but I don’t think I could’ve had a better time! Met great people, discovered gorgeous dog fashion and products; lots of amazing things happened! I’m so excited about what I’ve found, I have to share it with you in more detail than a tweet or a Facebook post. I’ve tried so hard to put all of the pictures I want to show you in here. It’s a bit crowded, but please bear with me. I couldn’t cut any of them! 🙂 Here are my Top 7 Best Products at Global. Not all of these cool items are available yet. I’ll tell you which ones are and where to buy them.

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks from Bark and Swagger

Best in Show
Tuggo Dog Toy

Tuggo Dog Toy

This simple yet effective toy walked away with a Becker’s Best Award Best in Show prize at Global. Company founder and creator, Adam Harrington, was inspired when he found his dog entertaining himself with a bowling ball in the yard. It got him thinking and, after trial and error, the Tuggo Dog Toy was born. Tuggo is for big dogs and small dogs over 10 lbs. It uses weight to provide tension that helps promote exercise and build muscle. The design is a hard, hollow 10″ in diameter plastic ball with a rope going through the middle that can be pulled from either side providing the tug-of-war effect. The cool thing is, if you have a smaller dog, this is just fine, as is. But, if you have a big dog that needs more weight to get good exercise, the Tuggo has a recessed screw cap allowing the ball to be filled with water. Adding water inside the ball increases the weight anywhere up to 20 lbs, depending on how much you add. Also, it makes the Tuggo have a sloshing sound which will keep your dog interested for hours!

I really liked Adam. He’s a young guy in his 20’s and very entrepreneurial. And, got to give him credit. He came up with a good idea! Adam said they are working on a smaller version, too, which will be available soon.  Check out the video just below of dogs playing with the Tuggo!

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $29.98

Bobby Sweater/Rain Slicker in One

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Bobby Sweater/Rain Slicker

Global Pet Expos Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Bobby’s Green Sweater/Slicker

I just discovered this new brand, Bobby, at the show. They are from Paris and base their design colors, patterns on the Paris runway shows. Right up our alley, yes? 🙂 Their collection includes classic styled winter coats that have panache; message tee’s;  beds mixing interesting fabrics and color combinations; beautiful collars, leashes and harnesses, with bling of the finest variety and without; and some truly stunning carry bags with that Parisian chic that is, at once, classic and very, very stylish. There are sooo many Bobby items I could choose to include here, but I’ve decided to go with one I think is very clever. They have created a sweater, with a sewn on zippered dog bone. Inside the bone is a matching rain slicker, so if you’re on a walk with your pup and it starts to drizzle, he or she is prepared. How cool is that! Comes in two colors.

Bobby isn’t yet available in the U.S., except as a display at Barney’s New York. But, they will be and when they are, I’ll be the first to let you know where to buy.



Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Vintage Inspired
Dog Blouses

Vintage-inspired Chiffon Dog Blouses

Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff’s Madeline Saia is a great designer, and one I will be featuring more on Bark and Swagger. I love her gorgeous dog beds and apparel, but it was these vintage-inspired chiffon dog blouses that made me go gaga at Global. The floral patterns she chose, the crystals, pearls, satin and lace embellishments she uses, the suggestion of ruffle…all of it made for  truly gorgeous pieces, every one of them.

Where to buy: BitchNewYork

Price: $105.00



Sneak Peek of PUPSAVER’s New Fabrics!

Some of you who’ve read my review of the PUPSAVER dog car seat knows what a big fan I am of this product. It is the only dog safety seat that has been officially crash-tested by the same company who crash tests infant safety seats for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For a dog under 30 lbs, in a head on collision (67% of crashes are head on) at 30 mph or under, PUPSAVER holds your dog safely inside it’s catcher’s mitt type seat. The company was kind enough to send us one for review before I wrote my story, and it has become Sophie go to safety seat. We don’t drive in our car without Sophie strapped in. 

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on  Bark and Swagger

Fuchsia & Black Striped Shag w/Black Patent Back

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Faux Cheetah & Faux Bronze Croc

PUPSAVER told me they were going to unveil some new colors at Global and they didn’t disappoint! You have to check these out. They aren’t yet available; the company just received the samples themselves the day before Global began, but they will be soon. And, Bark and Swagger will give you a heads up on when to order.

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Faux Silver Fox w/Black back

Global Pet Expo Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Faux White Mink w/Faux Red Ostrich Back Dog Car Safety Seat

Stylish Nylon Raincoat and Jockey Silks-Inpired Jackets

Legitimutt is a company founded by super model Kristy Hinze Clark and her longtime manager, Neal Hamil. Clark became the youngest model to sign with Australian Vogue, and went on to host that country’s version of Project Runway. Her designs are runway-inspired and made in America. The real stars and faces of the brand are Kristy’s three schnauzers, their names pay homage to Hollywood greats: Brando (as in Marlon) and his sister Ava (as in Gardner), both three-years-old, and Ava’s one-year-old son Elwood (as in the Blues Brother). Cute. I chose Kristy’s new light weight, rip stop nylon raincoat design, and her bold colored nylon jackets, inspired by horse-racing’s jockey silks. Both are crisp, clean, pop with color and classically timeless.

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Legitimutt Jockey Silk Jacket

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Legitimutt Rain Coats

These coats were debuted at Global and are not yet available. Stay tuned…


Furry & Fabulous Autism Collection and PPV’s Toys

I put a pic of these two collections on social media from the show, but I want to tell you more about them, as they are really special. The Autism Collection was designed by autistic kids, who were inspired by different animals. This is their interpretation.

The PPV’s toys were designed by Grandma Vicky and the initials are taken from her native name in Chinese. Grandma Vicky has since passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease. She was a prolific designer of these dog toys, all created from her imagination, even though she was experiencing severe memory loss. It just shows you how the creative mind can keep functioning, even with Alzheimer’s.  These two collections are so inspiring. The toys themselves encourage interactive play and are very soft and cuddly. And, 10% from the sales of each goes to benefit Pride Paws and Autism Speaks for the Autism Collection, and Leeza’s Place and the Alzheimer’s Association for Grandma Vicky’s PPV creations.

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Grandma Vicky’s PPV Toys

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Furry & Fabulous’
Autism Collection

Where to buy:

Price: Autism Collection – $12 each toy

Grandma Vicky’s PPV’s – $16.00 each toy



Smucci Too! Dog Beds

This is the first booth I visited at  Global and the last product I’m going to leave you with in this story. When I walked by Gary and Debi Kahn’s booth and noticed the bed they were debuting, (shown here) it stopped me in my tracks. Then, I learned about the company and that these beds weren’t just gorgeous, they were practical, economical and inspired by the Kahn’s love of rescues and providing a beautiful and unusual option for dog lovers. First, the artwork, which is, at once, really interesting and beautiful. It is all designed by Gary and Debi’s autistic son. So, it is that genius skewed a bit left that immediately captivates you. The Smucci Too! bed has parts that are completely interchangeable, so you can customize your dog’s (or cat’s) bed or change it up at whim. Each bed consists of four components: a graphic, interchangeable panel that slides in and out on a track, a plush pillow that comes in tons of colors and fabrics, a bed base that also comes in lots of colors, and the fun, big round feet that screw on and off, also available in multiple colors. And you can purchase additional panels to completely change the look of your bed. No tools are needed; it’s easy to do. The panels are waterproof and are designed with different fronts and backs, so you can get a different look by just flipping the panel around. Some of the designs are runway inspired; others are nature inspired. There are glam, sassy and glitzy options…really, the sky’s the limit!

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Back View

Global Pet Expo 2014 Top Picks on Bark and Swagger

Smucci Too! Crystal Bed


What I also love about this brand is how dedicated Gary and Debi are to rescuing animals and helping rescues. They live with 18 rescues…18! That may seem crazy to some, but these are two of the nicest people. Big hearts. They donate many beds to rescues, giving these animals the opportunity to sleep on a cozy, secure and very beautiful bed. They donate photography time and expertise to shelters to help them present their pets for adoption in the best light. I can’t say enough about this company.

The bed I’ve showcased here isn’t on the market, at least not yet. But there are so many Smucci Too! stunning designs available, I’m sure anyone interested will find one (or more) they love.

Where to buy: BitchNewYork

Price: $199.00

I hope you enjoyed my little slice of Global Pet Expo 2014. Stay tuned to Bark and Swagger for more news on other great brands I discovered at Global, and for when these products I covered here become available to you. Which is your favorite one?

Until next time…

(Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon and BitchNewYork, so if you choose to purchase anything from a suggestion I make via a link on my site, I will get a small commission, which goes towards the animal advocacy groups and animal charities I support on an ongoing basis. Thanks for helping!)





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