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Great platform dog training equipment


Is training a major part of your life? To me, a well-behaved dog is an extension of our style. How? Confidence and calm are stylish; and sexy. In our house, we not feeling stylish and sexy everyday, that’s for sure! LOL

But, we are always using opportunities to train, something expert dog guru, Justin Silver, taught me. It works, too. Jasper is much better behaved and Sophie is getting better at not barking at certain dogs outside, thereby setting her brother off.

We have definite tools we use on a regular basis; products that been most helpful in getting the job done. I’ve recently tried the KLIMB™, a platform dog training product and I really like it! Thanks to the folks at Blue-9 for sending us two of them; we’re training on the KLIMB™ regularly.

And, yes! I’m passing the love onto the Bark & Swagger family!  We’ll be giving away a KLIMB™ platform to a follower, a $160.00 value! Details of the giveaway are below.

Why Platform Train?

A good question, and one that has some compelling answers. Platform training has made a difference in our lives; here are some of the reasons many trainers like to work with them:

  • Platforms take advantage of a dog’s natural tendency to seek a higher vantage point
  • They create a natural barrier that the dog will not ‘creep’ off of, ultimately making our pups more focused on the trainer (us) for the next command
  • Platform training helps our dogs focus, in general, making them more open and ready to learn
  • Dogs trained using positive reinforcement become attached to a platform; they begin to think of it as their “place,” almost like it’s their favorite chair or safe spot.
  • Platform training offers important consistency in training, which leads to greater success
  • Platforms help dogs concentrate on training, ignore distractions, and avoid unwanted behaviors like begging for scraps or jumping up on visitors.


Great platform dog training equipment

Why the KLIMB?

The KLIMB™ is the first professionally-made dog training platform available for everyday dog owners.  The KLIMB™ is purposefully just big enough for the dog to sit comfortably, but prancing or excitable feet won’t allow them to stay on the platform for long, so it encourages calm. Here are some other things the KLIMB offers:

  • The KLIMB™ is easily put together, allowing us to create an impulse control system that fits the way we train.
  • KLIMB utilizes its exclusive PawGrip™ soft-touch coating system to improve comfort and footing for our dogs
  • Portable/Storage – Legs store in recess under the KLIMB™ for easy transport and storage
  • Weather Resistant/Durable UV protected molded construction that is waterproof and completely washable
  • Connect and stack multiple KLIMB™ platforms to configure runways, pyramids, steps, tunnels and more creating unique environments for dogs to master during their training. KLIMB™ has its own proprietary QuiKonnect™ locking tab that allows us to do this securely.

That last part is pretty cool. We don’t have enough units to build something like that, but Jasper is such a champion jumper, that he doesn’t think twice about launching himself up onto two stacked KLIMB™ platforms. And, with us working on our small agility course in the yard, it does prepare him or Sophie to get calm and focused for it.

What was my experience using the KLIMB™?

I started off gradually, seeing if the dogs would jump up onto the KLIMB™. Jasper was a quick study; he was unfazed by something new and hopped on up. Sophie took a bit longer and some coaxing with treats. She tends to be wary of new things. But, she was brave and eventually jumped up, too. I have to say that, almost immediately, I noticed a different feeling about our training sessions. They seemed more professional, serious, somehow. I know that might sound weird, but having the dogs on platforms did make them focus on me more than usual. It is kind of like giving them a job to do, one of the key tenets of Justin’s training. Once you ask them to jump onto the KLIMB™, they’re ready to do their job. So, immediately, that was a solid benefit of using a training platform. I felt like a professional trainer! 🙂

Here’s a great video my friends at Positively Woof made, showing shelter dogs being trained on the KLIMB™. Remember, please adopt don’t shop and spread the love of these beautiful shelter animals in this video on your own social networks.


I also like that the KLIMB™ is sturdy, and didn’t move around, even with my terrier terror diving onto it. That’s, in part, due to the PawGrip™ coating technology mentioned above. The legs are thick and screw in for a solid fit. It lightweight enough to carry pretty easily, and has a handle on two sides.

The KLIMB™ is versatile, and has also been used for service dog training, among other applications.

If you’re going to designate specific time to train, I would recommend the KLIMB highly. Because the legs come off and go under the unit, it is easy to store, whether you live in a small apartment or a big house. Thumbs up!

The Giveaway!

Great platform dog training equipment

This effective, high quality training tool can be yours! To enter, just join the Bark & Swagger family! If you’re already a member, you’re eligible! The giveaway begins Sunday, July 12 at 9pm EST and ends Sunday, July 19 at 11:59pm EST. You must be 18+ and reside in the U.S. Bark & Swagger family and relatives are ineligible. A winner will be chosen at random.

Please show the love to Bark & Swagger and Blue-9, makers of the KLIMB, on social!

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Good luck to everyone!


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