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Yesterday’s games clinched the deal. It’s now official. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will face off for Superbowl XLVIII on February 2nd, right here in my hometown of NYC! And it’s getting crazy already! Barricades are up around Times Square, preparing for the masses that will descend upon our already teeming city. But it will be exciting. Families huddled around the tv in their favorite team’s jerseys, rooting them on; Superbowl parties; much-anticipated commercials. I’m so there! But, wait! Who’s left out in the corner? No! Not your dog! Listen…if you’re a fist-pumping, card-carrying Broncos fan, Fido is too. He just can’t tell you. If you’re soooo Seattle, so is Fifi. She just can’t say. She’ll love hanging with the family, wearing team colors (or, maybe, pink). And, they’ll have so much fun just being a part of the party. There’s still time for your Super Bowl dogs to get in gear. Here are some fun and pretty cool choices (in no particular team order, fans). 🙂

denver broncos dog jersey orange on Bark and SwaggerDenver Broncos navy dog jersey on Bark and SwaggerDenver Broncos

What’s the most important part of getting ready for the Super Bowl? No, not the beer. No, it’s not the food. It’s having the right Jersey, silly! And, here are some very smart-looking Broncos jerseys for doggies, in two of their  signature colors, navy and orange.



Maybe your prince or princess doesn’t like to wear a jersey? They can still show team spirit with a bandana. Check out this cutie one, complete with a little bronco on it.

Peyton Manning dog t on Bark and Swaggerdenver broncos dog bandana on Bark and Swagger


Is your dog a Peyton Manning fan? After all, the guy is pretty smart and funny. Tell him (or her) not to fret. Here’s an adorable Peyton Manning dog t to wear on the big day (Yorkie not included).



If rockin’ team colors inside your four walls isn’t enough, you denver broncos dog leash on Bark and Swaggercan let everyone know where your allegiances lie with this Broncos leash  and collar. Just think, if they win, you can show this baby off for a good month or two. 

Denver Broncos dog collar on Bark and Swagger


Seattle Seahawks

If you’re a Pacific Northwest fan and a member of the 12th Man, then you’re going to want Fido to rock the black, silver and green.

Seattle Seahawks dog jersey on Bark and SwaggerThe jersey is the staple, and here’s a really fierce-looking one for your little man or lady. If your little princess just insists Seattle Seahawks pink dog jersey on Bark and Swaggeron wearing pink, there is an option for her, too.



And, OMG, there’s even a little doggy Seahawks cheerleader outfit! If your dog is awesome enough to wear this, she must learn to cheer! Pom poms not included, but check out Chloe Polka Dot, who could teach us all a thing or two.

Seattle Seahawks dog cheerleader outfit on Bark and Swagger




Seattle Seahawks dog bandana on Bark and Swagger



Here’s a very cool  bandana. I love the Seahawks icon and the bright stripes running through it. Very fashionable!



Seattle Seahawks Dog Collar on Bark and SwaggerSeattle Seahawks dog leash on Bark and SwaggerIf Denver fans are going to have one, Seahawks fans must, too. I love the collarthe leash? Not as much. Not sure I like them together but, separately, looks cool. Then again, it depends on how insane a fan you are. Listen, I won’t say anything… 🙂


OK, your pupster is now fully integrated into the Superbowl-celebrating family. And, let me tell you, he’s relieved. He told me he thought you were going to sideline him, and he wasn’t too happy about it. Now, all you need are the fixings…some frosty beer or chilled wine,  great food (no, I’m not a chicken wings girl, sorry), and great company. And really, that’s the most important thing. Great friends make Superbowl Sunday complete. Enjoy and may the best team win!

What do you think about dogs wearing Superbowl gear? Share your feelings on this below.

Until next time…Sharing is Caring!

(Disclosure:  If you choose to purchase any of the suggested items in this post, I will receive a small compensation from the company, which goes towards keeping Bark and Swagger up and running and towards the monthly donations I make to animal rights and rescue organizations. Thank you for helping out!)

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