UPDATE 10/31/18: There are lots of new styles for the Zippy Dynamics snowsuit and rainsuit for dogs and we carry them in our Bark & Swagger Boutique. Same great coverage, warmth and style. Check them out in the link below.


stylish full coverage body coats for dogs on Bark and Swagger

Jasper rockin’ the Sparky full coverage dog suit, with some ‘tude.

Do you have a hard time finding a cute and functional snowsuit? I did, all last winter. Sophie ended up in a thick cable sweater under a Ruffwear cold weather shell. But, none of it offered her full body coverage. After tackling the kind of snow and icy rain of last season, she’d come inside with snow balls on her legs and her little body shivering. So, I was thrilled when a Zippy Dynamics rep reached out to ask if Bark and Swagger might be interested in reviewing their full coverage snowsuit for dogs. Yes, yes!!! Why two yes’ with three exclamation points? I checked out these suits and they are great-looking, with an impressive list of attributes. A win-win!

The company is based right here in New York City and all the garments are made in the U.S. It’s mascot, a cutie pie black poodle named Max, was the inspiration behind the formation of Zippy. Necessity is the mother of invention. So, when Max’s dad, Alex Rabinovich, couldn’t find a suitable coat that would keep him warm, and look and fit great, he created his own. Max is now looking extremely stylish in his wardrobe of Zippy suits, as you can see from the pictures!

Stylish, full coverage dog coats on Bark and Swagger

Company inspiration, Max, in his Zippy style coat

When we received our complimentary coat to test on Sophie – a cherry red one, with adorable, candy-striped trim called the Sparky style – it wasn’t Sophie who co-opted it. We’d recently rescued Jasper who, with his jet black fur, looked just a little too fabulous and comfortable in it. After trying it on Jas, here’s what I really liked about the design of this suit:

  •  the fit. With zippers down each leg, two horizontal and four vertical cords strategically placed, you can customize this suit to fit your dog really well.
  • the materials. Its rayon, poly & spandex lining helps lock in the warmth, yet it’s breathable. The 100% poly outer shell feels soft, is lightweight, and is water resistant, protecting our babies from rain, wind and snow. That material also  holds up to wear and tear.
  • unrestricted movement. There are two elastic inserts placed by each leg to allow the dog to move freely in a full-body suit.
  • easy on/off. A durable zipper runs up and down the center back. That’s how you put the garment on. It’s lined, so it won’t catch any hair, and it’s easy. We left it zipped a bit, tucked his back legs in and then put the rest of the suit on.
  • and yes, they are adorable. Great looking suits, with styles for different types of weather.

The company materials say the Zippy suit functions well during a colder summer at the beach, to protect pups from strong UV rays, sand, dirt, fleas & ticks; during the fall and winter, for obvious reasons and in the spring, when it’s still cool out. It seems like it would also be great for romping on trails, as well as city walks on a brisk day. It’s easy to clean; you just throw it in the machine. I would recommend laying it flat to dry.

Stylish, full coverage coats for dogs on Bark and Swagger

Max strutting his stuff in the Classy in NYC

We’re going to give it a proper, New York winter test run in a few months and I’ll report back from the frigid front!  But first, Mommy’s going to buy Sophie one. I think she might really need the Classy style in red. 🙂 I can just see her now, looking all manner of awesome in her Zippy coat.

Where to buy: Bark & Swagger Boutique

Sizing: Various

Price: $95 – $110

Do you use a full body coat for your dog when it’s cold? Which ones do you like? Tell me in the Comments.


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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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