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Are you aBark and Swaggerdog parent? Are you interested in fabulous fashion and fascinating stories about…what else!…dogs?

Bark & Swagger is a growing community of stylish dog parents who love their pups, and want useful information to educate, inform and help them be even better dog parents!

Here’s some of what you’ll find on Bark & Swagger:

* Style Style Style…in fashion, travel, home decor and more. Bark & Swagger is filled with the beautiful things, experts, tips and stories I love.

*  great giveaways, cool contests and new products to make your lives easier

* help for common dog parent issues from the experts

* news; stories on the celebs we know and the dogs they love

*  shelter dog news; dogs up for adoption; heroes of the rescue world

The coolest, most fashionable dog moms and dads are part of the community.  🙂 So, join the Bark & Swagger family, and get it delivered, fresh!