Sophie and I just returned from the Tompkins Square Park’s 23rd Annual Halloween Dog Parade and what a sight to behold! The park was jam packed with revelers, some displaying some very original, creative and well thought through costumes. Lots of dog/owner ensembles. Lots of fun.

Here are some of the best dressed to impress on my list.

Best Dog Halloween Costumes 2013

Medical Marijuana: Free Samples

1) Medical Marijuana

This was my top pick. What an original idea! A dog and owner ensemble, each were covered with what looked like pot buds and stems. A placard read: Medical Marijuana; Free Samples. Hilarious and also getting across an important message for those suffering with disease symptoms alleviated by marijuana. As the mom struggled with putting on her English Bulldog’s thunder vest, which served as the corset of the costume, we were all congregating waiting to take pictures. Check it out.


Best Halloween Costumes 2013

Warhol and his Art

2) Warhol: An Artist and his Art

Another great display of creativity! Andy Warhol, his neon-blond Marilyn and their doggy as a Campbell’s Tomato Soup can completed this pop culture gem.


3) Chef Don and his Turkey

Maybe a little strange but definitely creative and forward looking to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Chef Don, dressed in full chef attire, holding his little terrier pup, who was wearing an entire Thanksgiving turkey suit, basted and cooked from the looks of it!

Best Halloween Costumes 2013

Chef Don and his Turkey




4) Fire Goddess and her little Winged Dragon

Best Halloween Costumes 2013

Sun Warrior and her Sun Dragon Dog

Not sure if this woman was emulating Daenerys from “Game of Thrones,” but she went all out creating a golden, fiery, feathery  sun warrior display that turned heads. And her little Chihuahua sat perched on her arm with his expansive feathered wings spread behind. What a sight!



5) Patriotic Trio with Pups

Lady Liberty and her adorable Pomeranian sailor pup, a red sequined who knows what, maybe a magician’s assistant with her matching sequined black bunny dog and a soldier in uniform made up this colorful trio. Lady Liberty was terrific. Great costume and her sailor dog looked so cute!

Best Halloween Costumes 2013

Lady Liberty, Little Sailor Pup & More




Best Halloween Costumes 2013

Sharknado Dog

6) Sharknado

With “Sharknado” such a pop culture hit, shark dog Halloween costumes exploded this year. So you knew there would be interpretations of the Sharknado craze at the Halloween Dog Parade. I liked this one best. A scene from “Sharknado” in full display on this doggy’s back. Very well done and real cool.


7) I Love Lucy 

My husband and I were just watching I Love Lucy episodes the other night, me for the first time in many years. What a timeless and brilliant show! Maybe this dog’s parents were too. A very cute costume that represents both Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, with his bongo drums as oaktag cutouts.

Best Halloween Costumes 2013

I Love Lucy Dog

8) Shark and Bait 

Cute dog duo. Like in nature, one eats, the other gets eaten. Here, shark and shark bait.

Best Halloween Costumes 2013

Shark and Shark Bait







Best Dog Halloween Costumes 2013

Anthony Rubio & His Royal Chihuahuas

9) Anthony Rubio as Himself

Included Anthony and his costumed Chihuahuas here because his couture designs are always so outrageous! Anthony came as the cool chauffeur to his famed Chihuahua king and queen. The female was dressed in a white faux fur, bejeweled cape with a plume of ostrich feathers as a headdress. The other wore a white baton twirler-inspired jacket and bejeweled top hat. Whoa!


10) Ice Cream Anyone?

Best Dog Halloween Costumes 2013

Mister Softie Dog

This cutie pie came as a Mister Softie Ice Cream truck. A very clever costume complete with images of the iconic Mister Softie ice cream cone , ice cream and ices selection display and a big sundae. Loved this!






And here’s Sophie as my little bunny, which she is, and her best friend, Holly the Havanese, in her ladybug costume.

Best Dog Halloween Costumes 2013

Sophie the Bunny & Holly the Ladybug

Stay tuned for the grand winner of the Tompkins Square Park 23rd Annual Halloween Dog Costume Contest.

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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