Are you as excited about summer as we are? Sundresses, sandals and sandy beach walks! Summer has its own special needs for the stylish dog. What are the new must haves that also solve problems for dog parents? Here are some of my faves:

Bampz Water Bottles


Summer essentials for the stylish dog. Bampz colorful water bottles for beach or pool


Came across these colorful thermoses at Global Pet Expo and loved them! The metal container keeps cool water cool and the colorful caps function as cups, too. The smaller size fits into a small bag easily; the larger has a cross body carrier in great colors. We’ve taken small and large with us on our adventures and they always come in handy. In the hot summer months, this will be an essential.

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Suitical Cooling Vest


The only dry cooling vest for dogs.

Hummer in his vest.

Suitical has developed a first of its kind Dry Cooling Vest that I love. What makes the Suitical vest different than the many cooling vests on the market?

The Dry Cooling Vest remains 100% dry during use and will not become wet or damp. It does not require refrigeration of any kind. This is a first in technology for the pet industry; something professional athletes, the government and the military already know.

There’s a valve at the top of the vest that requires a small amount of fresh water to start the process. The vest starts cooling the dog’s body immediately, down to 59° Fahrenheit below ambient air temperature, and lasts for up to three days. When the water dries out, simply reactivate the cooling by adding fresh water.

When the temperature outside rises above 64° Fahrenheit, that’s when the Dry Cooling Vest begins working. The vest will regulate cooling based on temperature, humidity and airflow. The hotter it is, the more cooling the vest will be and vice versa.

Unlike any other cooling vest on the market, the Dry Cooling Vest works in conjunction with your dog’s body and the outside environment, so there’s no danger of overcooling, like with ice pack or refrigerated cooling vests. And, the vest is designed based on the anatomy of dogs, so there’s a great fit.  A must have this season. 

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Waterproof toys


Summer Essentials for the stylish dog. The Hunter

There are plenty of waterproof dog toys on the market, but I’m looking for ones that look great, too. Here are a couple of my faves:


Hunter makes dog accessories and home decor products that are always stylish and durable. The tough nylon paint splatter rope toy that looks to me like a jack with a ball through it is very cute, as is the lobster toy. They both float and are squeakerless.

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Beco collapsible Food & Water bowls


Beco Pets, the eco-friendly, lifestyle brand makes, in addition to a lot of other things, these very cute collapsible bowls that are great for pool, beach or hike…really any summer activity. They’re lightweight, take up very little space and come in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large – and three bright colors  – a mint green, sky blue and fuchsia pink. Made from silicone, it’s non-toxic, of course, durable and dishwasher safe.

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The thirsty (and adorable) beach or pool towel


Summer Essentials for the stylish dog. The baby pink DII beach towel


summer essentials for the stylish dog. The baby blue DII beach towel.


Super absorbent, this DII microfiber dog towel will be your go to when Fifi or Fido gets out of the ocean, pool or bath. It’s embroidered with a cute bone and its baby pink or blue! Also comes in chocolate and black. Measures 44 x 27.5″.

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The Fashionista Fanny Pack for Dog Moms


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. The JCLA Chanel-like fanny pack for dog moms.


I confess! There’s a love affair going on between me and these bags! I know, sounds weird, but to the fashion lover…not so much. I first saw the sample of this bag at Super Zoo at my friend, Jeanne Chinn’s JCLA Boutique booth. I fell so hard, I actually convinced her to sell me the sample – the only one in the world – at the show. She was ok with it because it ended up being more of a cross-body than a fanny pack, which is what she was after. So I got the only cross body of this bag and then went back to visit her at Global in March, and bought one of her now-available fanny packs, just to make sure I had a spare. Like I said, it’s love.

This is chic (think Chanel’s black, quilted fanny pack of yore), artistically dog-centric with its silhouette in white on the front, has a main pouch and back zip pocket to store plenty and a chunky chain and leather belt. And, it’s faux leather, so it’s conscious all the way. The lining is a cherry red that pops.

I fit my phone, poop bags, treats, my Doggie Don’t training tool, my credit cards, cash, lipstick, hand cream…do I have to go on?

Comes in Chihuahua, Terrier and the every dog silhouettes, and each wears a crystal collar.

This is a great accessory for the stylish dog mom looking for a generous pack for walks with and without her dog, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Where to buy the Fashionista Fanny Pack


Summer fun is soon upon us. Enjoy it safely and in style. There’s plenty out there to satisfy the fashion conscious pet parent. Hope you enjoyed a few of my faves. Happy Memorial Day, friends! It’s just around the corner!

What is your go to summer accessory that makes your life as a dog parent easier?

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
What does stylish mean to you? I’m passionate about animals, fashion, travel, home decor and rescue, and that's what you'll find here. After a recent move to Fort Lauderdale from NYC, we're loving our new life in the sunshine. Welcome to my world! Grab your favorite beverage, curl up and stay awhile.