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Want the perfect pool toy for your dog? The Squiddy tub pool toy is it!

I got it; I got it! No, I got it!


It’s only April, but never too soon to get ready for summer! I, for one, count it as my favorite season. With our move to Florida, the pups are spending a lot of time in and around the pool and I have such a great tip to share! We’ve discovered the Best Pool Toy Ever! I don’t use caps lightly, mind you. 🙂 It’s the Super Subbies Squiddy Tub Pool Toy and my-oh-my, does it pack a punch of entertainment!

Created for human kids, it’s apparently becoming a popular toy for dogs, too. The battery-operated, 8-inch long squid features a hard plastic body and rubbery long tentacles for its squiddy tail. It comes in several colors, but we like the bright orange one the best and the dogs seem to be able to see it the best, too. When you align the arrows at the back of the two pieces of the toy, the battery power kicks in and the Squiddy’s rear propeller sends it swimming around the pool, deep diving and surface popping, keeping its canine charges extremely engaged.


Want the perfect pool toy for your dog? The Squiddy tub pool toy is it!


Our dogs each have their own methods of playing with Squiddy. Sophie, ever the princess of the palace, is also the little fish. Once Squiddy goes into the pool, Sophie doesn’t come out! She does a little (and adorable) push off the steps jump into the water and chases Squiddy around, but when he gets too close, she high tails it away.

Jasper is the masculine hunter boy. While he won’t swim (unless he falls in, which he does regularly), he’ll circle the pool ad nauseum, looking for his opportunity to pluck it out of the water. As soon as it surfaces close to the edge, he’ll plunge his face in to grab Squiddy, a tactic he’s now perfected to great results!  He’s also learned to “throw it back” for continued play.

It’s been great exercise for both of them and all of the swimming has been very therapeutic for Sophie, who has luxating patellas in her knees. That pup’s muscles are stronger than ever!

We’ve had so much fun watching them so thoroughly enjoying themselves, we created a little family production of Sophie and Jasper in action.

If you think your pup would enjoy the Squiddy Tub Pool Toy, you can buy it here. I’ve just bought six so we never have to run out.

Does your dog have a favorite pool toy?

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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