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Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta, on

The Madison Carrier

Yvette Ruta designs have captivated pet parents in the know, making hers the art of pet fashion. Yesterday, I introduced you to this prolific and talented Dallas-based designer and the exceptional pet beds and bedding she’s created. And, while her business might have started with beds,  it now includes a whole lot more. I saw Yvette’s black and white couture collection on the Yorkie 911 runway fundraiser last June, and the designs were very contemporary and fresh.  I wasn’t alone in my opinion, because many others also liked what they saw and ordered pieces right off the catwalk! Ruta has a diverse collection that includes everything from pastels to biker glam, from hippy chic to red carpet ready. But, they all have a signature Yvette Ruta look that says luxury.

Today, we’ll explore her couture, accessories, infant apparel and the wonderful things she makes for us girls!

Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta, on

Paisley pet bedroom ensemble, also comes separately

Like an upscale fashion or interior designer, Yvette works very closely with her clients.  “Our clientele want something that is one-of-a-kind; they like working with the designer,” she explained. “Being an artist,  I’m always coming up with ideas, so between myself and my clients, we’ll design the pieces.” Her inspiration comes from her client’s pups, and fabrics and trims she peruses. After 30 years in the business, I can only imagine the amazing fabrics and trims she’s collected, which today are considered authentic vintage. “We can take pretty much any fabric and alter it in any way we need to, to create what you want,” Ruta says. This flexibility means if you see a picture on her site but want a different kind of fabric or want a trim where there is none, you can have it, and as a discerning consumer, I love that. Yvette very generously offered to make a new blanket for Sophie and Jasper (they’ve been using my 28 year old daughter’s baby blanket, which is just about falling apart – don’t ask…), and she inquired as to the colors in my home. I appreciate that attention to detail. Thank you, Yvette.

Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta, with her new infant apparel collection on

Yvette Ruta for infants

Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta, on

Luxurious fur throw from Yvette’s new home goods collection



Recently, Yvette added infant apparel and a home goods line to her business.  “I’ve always loved doing infant wear,” Yvette revealed. “With the blankets and bedding I already do, transitioning was a natural between pets and humans, and clients would ask if I could make one for their child or grandchild. With lots of my friends having grandkids, I’ve had even more requests and it’s gone gangbusters. Clients also ask if I could design pieces for their pets from our infant collection!”

Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta on

United States Dog Carrier

Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta, on

United States fur coat


Her women’s accessories collection is also a home run. With funky, vintage pieces like her United States handbag and her Rock and Roll Tote, for me, it was instant love. I especially went gaga over the rock and roll tote, which features recycled denim, leopard faux fur, hand-painted iconic graphics, studs, chains…there’s a lot going on but it so works!  Because Yvette’s is mostly a custom house, you can get that favorite handbag as a tote or pet carrier, too.

Extraordinary pet designer Yvette Ruta on

Rock and Roll Tote

Her jewelry collection is Swarovski, designed in collaboration with Debbie Hopper, a local designer out of Oklahoma. Debbie is the mom to two of their models, Paisley and Arie, and she developed those pieces for Yvette Ruta. As part of the jewelry collection, you can get matching leashes, bracelets, necklaces, including pet necklaces and they’re even offering them for children, too. Add home goods to this diverse mix – pillows, throws – and we can get just about all of our shopping done with Yvette Ruta! 🙂 Her celebrity clients do. Paris Hilton just purchased blankets and couture clothing for her newest family member, the 10 ounce bundle of white fluff deliciousness, previously named Mr. Amazing, now named Prince Hilton.

Extraordinary pet designer, Yvette Ruta, on

The Anna Necklace and Bracelet

Paris Hilton's new micro teacup Pomeranian pup on Yvette Ruta blanket

Amazing Yvette Ruta couture for Prince Hilton

With so much going on at once, what’s Yvette’s secret sauce? The “P” word – Passion. “I get to live out my passion every single day, so it never feels like I’m working,” Ruta enthused. “I’m always creating, sewing, painting…I’m in heaven everyday! I feel very blessed to live what I love!!” Blessed, indeed. And, so are we. Having Yvette Ruta’s designs in the world makes it all just a little bit sweeter.

Would you like to own an Yvette Ruta creation? Tell me your favorites in the comments below.

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