how to stop your dog from biting itself. A shelter dog uses the Suitical Recovery Suit. Lots of uses for this suit.

Abandoned Pet Rescue’s shelter dog, Corky


What’s stylish, functional and solves an important problem for pet parents? If you want to know how to stop your dog from biting itself, licking and more, read on.


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!


You have to protect your baby’s skin. He or she is scratching, biting or licking a wound, hot spot, rash or suture. What to do? My advice is to get a Suitical. The Suitical Recovery Suit® is like a second skin for your pet; breathable and stretchable, so they can move freely but snug enough to prevent them from wriggling out or getting at that sensitive area.

Who wants to put a dreaded “cone of shame” on our pup or kitty? They hate it and make that perfectly clear. So, we hate it, too. Today, we have options that look good, too.

You can win a stylish Suitical for your dog or cat, so read on to find out how!

Shelter dogs included here!

Suitical is a conscious company, so they were very excited and supportive when we discussed showcasing the Recovery Suits on shelter dogs, up for adoption. We had a great time doing the shoot, and dogs from Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, helped!


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!

Abandoned Pet Rescue shelter dog, Prescott.


Sweet Pitties Fiona and her daughter, Fontina, the adorable black, senior Cocker Spaniel, Prescott, blond Lab mix, Benny, who was fresh from surgery on his leg, and the perky and very happy little guy, Corky, all came out to model their fashionable suits. If any of them steal your heart and you want more information, email me directly at

Design and materials of the Recovery Suit®


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!

A Holland-based brand, Suitical takes the quality and function of its products very seriously. With an exclusive, patented design, the Recovery Suit® is a multi-purpose, core body protection system, with many uses. “With our passion for pets, we love to make their recovery as comfortable and stress-free as possible,” emphasized Melvin Kok, CEO of Suitical International.

And, stress free for animals, as well as humans, is critical when it comes to a quicker recovery.

The Recovery Suit® is designed, based on the shape of a dog or a cat, and is made from very high-quality, organic cotton, so it’s breathable and lightweight, yet strong and comfortable. Stretch is key for a good fit and easy movement, and Suitical uses Invista® Lycra, a high quality lycra material.

Suitical is machine washable and the lycra allows it to keep its shape after multiple washings.

If you’re wondering how to navigate your dog or cat doing its business while wearing a full body suit, don’t worry. Suitical has built-in rear snaps that, when opened and rolled under your pet, will fasten snugly against the belly with an added strap, so your pup can go out and relieve itself and your kitty can use its litter box. Easy peasy!

What I also appreciate, having four dogs of varying sizes and shapes, are the number of sizes Suitical makes, which go from XXXS through XXL, adding unusual options like Small+ and Medium+, for those harder to fit, in-between sizes.

And, the Recovery Suit® comes in three color options: the always chic black, and a fun black/grey, pink or blue camo pattern, with complementing, solid color mock turtle neck and sleeve bands.

I put the pink camo on Sophie. She has sensitive skin and is often licking like crazy. This definitely helped stop her from licking and allowed her skin to settle down.


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!

Sophie in her stylish pink camo suit.


Uses (including some you didn’t think of) for the Suitical Recovery Suit®


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!


When I discovered Suitical at Global Pet Expo, I knew from the quality, style and all of its uses, that this was a product I wanted to feature on Bark & Swagger. Here is everything the Recovery Suit® can do:

  • Protects skin conditions, hot spots, wounds, bandages, ointments, surgical procedure sites from any licking, biting, scratching
  • Allows complete flexibility and movement to eat, drink, play, do their business
  • Reduces annoyance and anxiety of conventional cone collar
  • Protects your pet from other animals or children, while recovering
  • Allows air to circulate around affected area while still keeping it dry
  • Helps keep patients warm after surgery
  • Protects against light incontinence. There’s a lighter colored panel to easily see any discharges or accidents.
  • Protects your home when your dog is in heat. Unlike standard shorts, the Recovery Suit® is very difficult for your pet to wriggle out of.

If you have a situation where a wound leaks, a porous sheet or incontinence pad can be inserted inside the Recovery Suit® or between an inner panel.

How the Recovery Suit® has helped us

In addition to preventing Sophie from licking her skin, we also tried the Recovery Suit® on our little Chihuahua boy, Albie. You might remember we had a sensitive skin issue with Albert a couple of months ago. One of the first things I tried, before adding skin calming products to our regimen, was this suit, and it worked like a dream. Little Albie was so much better about leaving his skin alone and it allowed his hot spot to settle down.

Jasper is our all boy, all the time terrier terror. He cut himself on the belly, while on patrol in our backyard one day. Who knows how he did it; he probably nicked his skin flying past some bush. It wasn’t deep but I did want to allow it to heal without Jas constantly tending to it. The Recovery Suit® for a couple of days did the trick. Blue camo for Jas, ‘natch!


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!

Jasper, king of his castle, in his blue camo suit.


Want to win a Recovery Suit® of your own? Here’s how!

The Giveaway!

The giveaway will run from Friday, November 4th, 2016 at 4pm EST to Thursday, November 10th at 11:59pm EST.

To enter:

  • must be 18+ years old; can live anywhere in the world
  • tell us how the Recovery Suit would help you as a pet parent
  • subscribe to the Bark & Swagger email list for fresh news
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Like Suitical on Facebook

Winner chooses color and size.

Good luck, everyone!


As pet parents, we’re always looking for products to make ours and our pets lives easier. When it comes to them being in distress, the importance of how good, safe and user-friendly that product is becomes all that much more important. That’s why I like Suitical, and I think you will, too.

So many pet parents deal with their dog or cat’s skin sensitivities or allergies, with surgeries and more. The Recovery Suit® is a high quality, easy to use and fashionable tool to have in your arsenal.  I give it 5 stars.


5 star rating for the Suitical Recovery Suit for pets


How do you deal with your dog or cat’s skin issues?  

This blog post is sponsored by Suitical, which means we were paid to create and feature this content. Regardless of the payment received, we only feature products and services on Bark & Swagger that we use, love and/or feel our readers would benefit from using. All sponsored posts on Bark & Swagger will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions.

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