Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. Luxury dog carriers like you've never seen.


Catching my breath from Global Pet Expo this year took a bit more time. Bigger show, more to see. But, it was well worth it, because I’ve returned with some of my favorite stylish pet accessories and more for you! I’m talking dogs and dog moms, big dogs and smallest, fashion and function, so let’s get to it, I have to share!

The PetSafe Silver Glitter Easy Walk Harness


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. A silver glitter dog harness.


I’ve mentioned that PetSafe products saved our lives with two of our dogs, being there for us at the right time with the right solution. You know what I mean; pet parents appreciate when a brand can solve a problem for us. So, imagine my delight when I saw the new, very stylish colors and prints PetSafe had in store for their Gentle Leader and Easy Walk harnesses! This one, in particular, caught my eye (yes, it did sparkle…you know me so well!).

The silver sparkle Easy Walk is the perfect fashion meets function accessory for the big or small dog who wants to make a statement. With all of the features that make the Easy Walk such a popular style for the brand – the ability to control from the front of the harness, thereby reducing pulling, and for the comfort – it now also moves into the fashion must have category. Stay tuned on the blog for more on this and other go to PetSafe products.

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The Clover Pet Carrier


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. Dog carriers like you've never seen.


Did you ever see something and think you must have landed on another planet? I swear, the Clover Pet carriers look like tiny space ships from Mars! They are tres chic, whether you’re choosing the vibrant neons, the spring pastels, the luxury leathers or the cork material, very unusual for a carrier. There is definitely a style vision at work here. Take a look.


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. Dog carrier backpacks like you've never seen.

Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. Cork material luxury dog carriers like you've never seen.


With carriers beginning at $250.00, they are an indulgence, but I promise you, you and your dog will stand out. And, I like that you can interchange the bubble window for a screen. My only concern is the backpack styles could get a bit heavy with a dog inside. They say up to 20 lb dogs as a general guideline, but I’d be hard pressed to lug Jasper around in this already weighty backpack.

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The JCLA Silhouette Fanny Pack


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. The JCLA Chanel-like fanny pack for dog moms.


Ladies, the uber chic fanny pack you’ve been waiting for is here! Think a cruelty free Chanel look with the whimsy of pop culture. My friend, Jeanne Chinn of JCLA Boutique, designed this fanny pack last year and I saw her sample at Super Zoo. I was smitten…no…in love is more like it. I actually convinced her to sell it to me and got compliments regularly. It features a quilted black faux leather pack with a white silhouette of a dog (mine has a Chihuahua, of course, but there are three options) in a jeweled collar. It’s roomy enough for more than just poop bags and treats. Add your phone (even the large Android or largest iphone), keys, I stick my sunglasses in one of the zippered pockets…suffice it to say you can fit a lot. Yet, it’s small enough to be comfortable and easy to carry around your waist. I was so excited Jeanne was finally offering them, that I bought another one, for when mine wears out. I may have to wait awhile,  as I put this one through the ringer and it still looks like new, nine months later. Run, don’t walk to get yourself one.

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The Tiny Pupsaver Dog Safety Seat


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. An ultra safe dog car seat for dogs under 10 lbs.


I love the Pupsaver brand because it’s the only dog car safety seat crash tested by the same firm that tests for infant seats, it’s rear facing and it operates like no other safety seat on the market. We have two that are permanently installed in my car.

What’s new from Pupsaver is their larger dog safety seat, the AirPupsaver 45, which protects dogs 45 lbs and under (previously, there was only the AirPupsaver 25, for 25 lbs and under), and their new Tiny Pupsaver, which holds dogs 10 lbs and under. Smaller and super cute, stay tuned for more on this on the blog. We are testing a couple of them out on Ani and Albie, our two Chi’s, who are perfect customers!

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Chariot Travelware Dog Themed Luggage


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. dog-themed luggage from Chariot Travelware.


Paris, the beach, a hot air balloon, on the town…these are just some of the scenes you can choose from in this collection of dog-themed luggage from Chariot Travelware. These are hard cased and made to last and what’s cuter than seeing doggies on your luggage as it rounds the bend of the conveyer? Stay tuned for a giveaway and more info on this brand on the blog. Love!

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The Bella & Beau Charm Collar


Stylish Pet Accessories & More from Global Pet Expo. the high quality collar meets charm bracelet of Bella & Beau.


This is perhaps one of my most favorite products from Global this year. Imagine a high quality leather dog collar meets a charm bracelet and you can begin to understand what Bella & Beau is about. Living life through the eyes of your dog is how they describe this product, where you can choose from over 200 beautiful charms to represent your dog’s loves, adventures, history and more. Every design says “Remember when we did THIS together?” And, you can add charms to the story each year.

A matching charm bracelet for mom allows you to be connected to your baby while you’re away, at work, doing chores. There’s a rescued charm collection, too. Stay tuned for more on this on the blog. A big fave!

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With over 2000 booths at Global Pet Expo, I clocked many miles across the exhibition hall. There’s so much to write about, but not enough space! Theses were some of my stand outs.

Visit the Bark & Swagger Boutique soon (stay tuned for the spring products launch), where you’ll see more of what I loved from Global, as well as new products from Hunter and more.

The dog floor mat that absorbs 5x more than the others. Four paws up review here.

Which of my faves did you like the most?

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