The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.

Want the perfect harness to look absolutely chic this Spring and Summer? What if, as an added benefit, it also calms your anxious dog? Meet Heavenly Beasts®, a new brand from Chicago, that’s taken the small dog harness and given it a fresh twist! Read on; there’s a giveaway!

A lot of us dog parents grapple with pups who either get too hyped up or are too anxious to enjoy being out and about. It’s the hardest thing to watch your baby hunkered down in fear. This beautiful harness could solve your problem. Here’s how.

Heavenly Beasts’ founder/designer, Laura Keivan, uses colorful fabrics, made of breathable, good-looking 100% cotton, to create very stylish Comfy Wraps, as she calls them. Why the name? Well, they are comfortable, but there’s more. Nestled into a signature, brass charm, that hangs from the harness D-ring, is an aromatherapy “cloud” that calms your dog. Keivan uses a proprietary blend of high quality, human-grade essentials oils, and the positive feedback she’s received from dog parents is making her super cute fashions fly out of the door. So many of us are having success with using high quality essential oils to solve problems like anxiety, itchy skin, travel nausea and more. I’m one of them and use essential oils regularly on my pack. That’s why I love this product. I carried Laura’s gorgeous Zhivago Capes and coats this past Winter, and will carry her newest styles next Fall.

“The comfy wrap is like a swaddle with benefits,” Keivan quipped. “When you add the HB charm with our cloud, you have the fresh approach to helping an anxious or overactive dog. Hotel, jet, car, bistro…HB is the fresh approach to a chic calm canine.”


The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.


I’m excited, because we’re including the full collection of her Couture Comfy Wraps for Spring/Summer in a Heavenly Beasts® exhibit in the Bark & Swagger Boutique. Stop in, view it and shop! It will only be there for the season.

What is Heavenly Beasts all about?

Heavenly Beasts features handcrafted, high fashion Calming Canine Couture. All Heavenly Beasts clothing items feature a stylish wrap & harness, which snuggles your dog, creating a calming effect. All items are finished with a brass D-ring on the back, allowing you to secure a leash and the charm.


The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.


In addition, all of her designs come with the sturdy, brass Heavenly Beasts Charm that house those aromatherapy “Cloud” inserts. This feature, which you can put on and take off, as needed, is great for traveling, parties, or to simply calm down an over-active dog. The Cloud inserts last about 10 days & refills can be purchased in packs of 3.

The materials Laura uses are all high-quality and made in Europe & the United States. They are designed, cut and sewn right in Chicago.


The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.


And, you can be creative and do fun things with the harness. See this little fella, who’s mom used the wrap’s straps to create a natty necktie! Tip: If you love this idea, order one size larger, so the straps are a bit longer. There is enough velcro to still fit your dog.

What inspired Laura to create the brand?

Heavenly Beasts, like many businesses, came about by accident.  Laura began experimenting with essential oil blends for herself. A natural fragrance lover and busy mom of two boys, she was just trying to find a way to relax and found that her 3 dogs were attracted to the calming scents, as well! Her two poodles and little Yorkie were just as happy, relaxed and calm as she was, being surrounded by the natural scents. Laura had her “A-HA” moment and Heavenly Beasts was born!


The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.


After two years of intense research, Keivan decided to pair her “clouds” with comforting fashionable designs, and developed Heavenly Beasts Original & Vintage Comfy Wraps, Rain Slickers, Zhivago Capes, coats, and accessories. We’re glad she did, because they are very chic and solve a problem!

Who loves Heavenly Beasts?

The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.


That list is growing. The Shahs of Sunset star, Mercedes Javid, is a fan, as is Paris Hilton. Instagram star and branding expert, Mrs. Sizzle, is a fan and did a photo shoot with her two adorable pups, Edie and Clair, in Heavenly Beasts capes this past Winter (see below). Clair just make an appearance on the streets of NYC in a vintage denim Heavenly Beasts Comfy Wrap with bright pink trim. And, Laura has a long list of clients, who swear by her designs.


The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.

Who wants to win a Heavenly Beasts Couture Comfy Wrap for their pup?!


The stylish, designer small dog harness that calms your dog.

Clair of The Sizzle Sisters photo credit: Mrs. Sizzle


One lucky Bark & Swagger follower will win the same, gorgeous vintage denim comfy wrap Clair is modeling just above. If you have a boy dog, Laura is also offering the trim in yellow. The harness will come with an HB brass charm and the cloud insert, so you can use, as needed for your dog. Laura also sometimes pops one on her purse, the dog carrier…it’s very versatile.

How to enter…

The giveaway will run for one week, starting Monday, April 18 at 8pm EST, and ending Sunday, April 24th at 11:59pm EST. You must be 18 or older and from the United States. 

Entering is easy! If you’re not already on our email list, subscribe to be entered. If you are, there are extra things you can do to increase your chances.

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The winner will be notified, as soon as they are chosen. will randomly select. Good luck!

Don’t forget to visit the Boutique to see the full collection of Heavenly Beasts® Couture Comfy Wraps. There’s one to express every personality!

Do you have an anxious dog that this product could help?



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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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