Shop for a cause on for kathy ireland's Loved Ones pet goods.

Kathy & Sparky


Are you in holiday shopping mode? We are, and there’s one place I love, where I can shop for a cause, helping homeless animals at the same time. It’s and I love them so much, I’ve dedicated a month of shopping to a pawsitive cause!

Our campaign is called Shop for a Pawsitive Cause, and three celebrity brands have joined with us to raise awareness for shelter pets. And, each has curated a special basketful of goodies for a winner!

Who’s onboard? If you’ve been following my posts over the past three weeks, you know Lisa Vanderpump and her dazzling brand, Vanderpump Pets are participating. And, Deirdre “Little Darling” Franklin, Pitbull advocate with her brand, Pinups for Pitbulls, is also onboard.

Kathy Ireland wants you to shop for a cause!

Today, I’m announcing the amazing Kathy Ireland has joined the campaign! Her pet brand, kathy ireland Loved Ones™ has the most beautiful pet products and, if you’re not familiar, I recommend discovering them now.

To win a basket, you simply have to shop on, the site that donates a percentage of everything you purchase to an animal welfare organization. And, they have over 2,000 of them to choose from, as well as over 750 of your favorite retail brands.

When you sign up for their newsletter, you’re entered into the giveaway. Then, select the animal welfare organization chosen by any one of the celebrity brands participating, and start shopping. Whomever raises the most money for that charity, wins that brand’s basket of goodies. It’s simple!


Shop for a cause on for kathy ireland's loved ones pet goods.

Kathy with Gracie & Delilah


When Kathy heard about this campaign, she wanted in because she loves animals and is a big supporter of adoption. Read on to discover what Kathy has selected for her lucky winner of the Loved Ones™ basket! Tip for Kathy shoppers: there will be both a dog and a cat basket to choose from!

“This Christmas, please open your hearts to the wonderful shelter organizations which care for animals in need,” Ireland declared. “Those of us who know the joy of having a family member pet and a loved one can never comprehend abandonment, abuse, neglect and even, tragically, the torture that shelter animals endure. Somehow, these amazing souls never lose their ability to love. Please choose an organization today that will benefit from your gracious heart. Best of all, prepare your home and family for the addition of a new loved one from an animal shelter. The love, licks and kisses you’ll receive will be priceless. Merry Christmas to everyone on two legs and four paws! Love, Kathy.”

Ireland is amazing and inspiring. Back in the day, she was one of the most successful supermodels ever, at a time when supermodels really were professionally trained models. The Sports Illustrated cover; major campaigns around the world. At the pinnacle of her modeling success, some might have thought that was Ireland’s moment. Not so fast…


Shop for a cause on for kathy ireland's loved ones pet goods.


Since launching her brand with a pair of socks in 1993, Kathy Ireland has designed over 15,000 products, available in 50 countries, in categories that all offer solutions –  for families, especially busy moms; for business people and for people in love. Think fashion, beauty, home, kids, pets, jewelry, even weddings and resorts. kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) has annual sales exceeding 2.5 billion, with Forbes calling her the “prototype for model-turned-mogul,” and British Vogue proclaiming her the world’s richest model. According to Fairchild Publication, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion. 

Loved Ones™, was inspired by her rescue pup, Sparky. It offers families a home decor-friendly, tasteful and high quality collection of beds, collars, leashes, accessories and toys. As a wildly successful former supermodel, you also have to figure the girl knows a thing or two about style.

Liz Taylor was an important person in Kathy’s life…


Shop for a cause on for kathy ireland's loved ones pet goods.


And, one of her mentors and closest friends was Liz Taylor. Yes, La Liz!  A staunch animal lover and one who “had a way with animals,” relayed Ireland, Liz came to Kathy with a very special request when she was nearing the end of her life. Taylor asked Ireland if she would take her two beloved Maltese, Gracie and Delilah, and care for them when she passed. Kathy and her family not only took the two babies in, and have them to this day, but she honored her dear friend by naming a luxury collection after them. The Gracie and Delilah® collection features products for both dogs and cats with luxury fabrics, detailing and some sparkle and shine.

So, I was more than thrilled when Kathy signed onto our campaign, and I urge you to discover her wonderful products, if you don’t know them already. The retail partnerships Kathy has for her fashion, home and pet products – Boscov’s, Kohl’s, Macy’s, HSN and Amazon – are all represented on And, more.

New Leash on Life


Shop for a cause on for kathy ireland's loved ones pet goods.


Kathy has chosen this organization to be the recipient of a percentage of anything you buy if you want to be entered into the running to win a Loved Ones™ basket. Here’s what they’re about:

“Saving the lives of homeless animals and improving the lives of people;” that is how the organization is described. And, they do.

New Leash on Life rescues homeless dogs from Los Angeles city and county shelters, rehabilitates them medically or behaviorally, and then re-homes them with forever families. They’ve re-homed over 5,000 dogs, provided spay and neutering for thousands of pets in the community, and they offer programs/events to educate and train adults and children on responsible pet ownership.

Their Lend A Paw program has trained volunteer handler & therapy dog teams to visit facilities and provide Canine Assisted Therapy for individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or life challenges in care facilities, schools for children with special needs, child custody court, abused women’s shelters, missions and veteran groups. The teams also participate in a P.E.T.S. program which hosts field trips from schools to their facility for children to interact and participate in Canine Assisted Reading Enhancement for improved reading skills.

 Support efforts also extend to Search & Rescue disaster relief missions throughout the nation including Hurricanes Gustov, Katrina, Rita and the wild fires of Southern California. Great work!

Now, on to…

The Giveaway!

How to enter:

It’s easy to participate. Just go onto, and sign up to their newsletter. That will automatically enter you into the giveaway. Then, choose Kathy’s preferred charity to shop  – New Leash on Life – and start shopping! For each items you purchase, a percentage will go towards this organization. The person who’s raises the most money for New Leash on Life, will win a Loved Ones™ basket.

The campaign ends December 10th, 2016, at midnight.

So, what’s inside?

If you choose the dog-themed basket:

  • a Quilted Pet Bed with Pillow
  • a Durable Fox Dog Toy
  • a Hide & Seek Dog Toy
  • a Fashion 4’ Dog Lead
  • a Floral Collar Accessory

The retail value: $114.95

If you choose the cat-themed basket:

  • a Quilted Pet Bed with Pillow
  • a Catnip Lovebirds Cat Toys 2-pack
  • a Wobble Fish Catnip Cat Toy
  • a Catnip 1oz with Canister
  • a Pedestal Pet Dish

The retail value: $105.95

Start shopping for all of your personal or holiday needs on now, and know by doing so, you’re a real blessing for animals in need. And, don’t forget to sign up for the AdoptaShelter newsletter to enter you into the giveaway. A winner for each of the three celebrity advocates’ brand baskets will be announced after December 10th.

Good luck, everyone!

Would you shop for a cause? 

For more info on

For more info on kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®)

For more info on New Leash on Life.

To shop for Pinups for Pitbulls.

To shop for Vanderpump Pets.

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