Questions to ask when adopting a dog and much more in this great book.

Two of our rescues, Ani & Jasper, season-ready.


It began with JJ. Twenty one years ago, a stray dog on a soccer field came to the attention of a friend and, before you know it, Diane Rose-Solomon had a dog. Over the course of his long life, JJ would prove to be a big inspiration, getting Rose-Solomon involved in rescue and then steering her towards writing children’s books. First came the delightful and educational JJ The American Street Dog, and How He Came to Live in Our House. Then, there was JJ Goes to Puppy Class. I was charmed by both.

Now, Diane has taken her years of experience and reached out to her broad network of pet experts to tackle the questions to ask when adopting a dog and so much more in this definitive, go to book. Here are the highlights from What to Expect When Adopting A Dog, and what I love about it.



Questions to ask when adopting a dog and much more in this great book.

Diane and her two rescue pups


Diane’s approach is no-nonsense and chock full of information and resources. The book is broken down into digestible modules that cover a lot of territory. But, it’s an easy read, and by the time you’ve finished, you’ll be very prepared to set about adopting a dog.

I like that she starts at the beginning: are you ready, do you have the time, energy and resources to add a dog to your family? Rose-Solomon helps you determine those answers and, if you are, then takes you on a step-by-step journey to finding the right dog for you and what to do with them once you’ve adopted.

With approximately eight million pets entering U.S. shelters each year and three to four million being euthanized, adopting a dog is such a blessing. Our adopted pups Jasper, Ani and Albie have given us such joy and what people say is true: rescued dogs know you’ve saved them and they are grateful.

But oftentimes, adopters aren’t prepared for what they’ll encounter as new pet parents. This book takes the mystery out of it and offers guidelines, resources and tips to a successful, longterm relationship with your rescue.

Specific areas addressed…

The modules included in the book are:

  • Taking the first step – determining if you’re ready for a dog and what that means
  • OK, You’re Ready. What Now? I love how Diane includes sample questions to ask of the shelter or rescue when you’re adopting. This is critical, so you know as much about the dog you’re about to bring home as possible and what to expect. You want to do everything you can to set you and that pup up for success.
  • Preparing Your Home
  • Integrating Your Dog into Your Home. Rose-Solomon also covers with children, without and if you’re expecting.
  • Advanced Dog Parenting – how training, exercise and socialization fits into the picture.

There’s also useful information on:

  • traveling with your new companion
  • considering service dog or therapy dog training and what’s involved
  • bonding activities
  • special needs dogs

She’s peppered these informative chapters with personal stories of people who’ve adopted, insights from experts in the pet field and over 100 links to blogs and articles, along with some recommended products.

Kirkus Reviews says:

“An insightful, smoothly written, and useful guide for new canine owners.”

The San Francisco Book Review writes in its 5-star review:

“What to Expect When Adopting a Dog by Diane Rose-Solomon is a handbook that every dog lover should have, a book that is written from experience and from the heart.”


uestions to ask when adopting a dog and much more in this great book.

JJ, the inspiration for it all


JJ is now gone, but he gave a lifetime of love and inspiration to Diane and her family. In What to Expect When Adopting a Dog, his lessons, those of the rescues that came after and a wealth of expert advice and resources come together in this must read for dog lovers and their friends. I recommend it for anyone thinking about adopting or for anyone worried that adopting a shelter dog means inheriting a host of problems. This book, and the stories Diane shares, will show you that just isn’t true and that your involvement, knowledge and resources make such a difference in shaping the kind of dog you want.

A five star thumbs up!

Rating: 5 star rating

Diane Rose-Solomon is also the founder of the organization Pets People Planet Connection and of Team Kindness.

For more information on Diane.

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Questions to ask when adopting a dog and much more in this great book.


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