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 The only officially crash-tested, rear-facing car seat for small dogs. The Pupsaver on

Waggy tails, big grins…it’s exciting stuff going on a ride in the car. But, are we protecting them? With children, we don’t think twice. In their car seat or buckled up in the seat belt they go. Most of us don’t extend that kind of protection to our dogs. We’re in a hurry, they don’t like to be restrained, etc.

I learned that there’s no excuse for allowing our dogs to roam freely in a car, unrestrained or restrained unsafely. I’ve had to stop short in that situation, and it’s scary. And, in a crash, an unrestrained dog, even a fairly light weight one, becomes like a missile, wreaking unspeakable damage to itself and humans in the car.

There are a lot of car seats and harness restraints on the market. How do you know which one is best?

I’ve talked about the Pupsaver before on Bark & Swagger. I really love this product, because of it’s unique design and how it protects the dog.

First and foremost, it’s the only officially crash-tested, rear facing car seat for small dogs. Like a catcher’s mitt, it literally folds over the pup, shielding it from impact, glass, everything that could hurt him. It’s attached to the car seat, not to the dog, so your pooch can be tethered to the Pupsaver via a collar or harness, because no pressure will be exerted on the neck or body from the Pupsaver, in an impact.

I like this type of seat for small dogs (the Pupsaver is for dogs 25 lbs and under), because a harness is a very harsh restraint for a little dog in a crash. Their body structure and little bones would have a very hard time withstanding the pressure against a harness restraint, and crash tests with harnesses on small dogs look scary, indeed, with the way they whiplash against the restraint.

The Pupsaver’s cozy, cushioned interior belies a super-tough ballistic nylon back that can withstand the impact of a frontal crash at 30 mph with a 25 lb. occupant.

The cute little baby above is Daisy, of the Bennett family, who invented the Pupsaver. Daisy is in her leopard style, the same one I have for Sophie. Adorable, right?

I’m also a fan because the seats are so darn cute (as per above!). There’s a new one I have to tell you about, and it’s a stunner.

And, I have a special offer, only for Bark & Swagger readers. No other site has an offer this good. Why? We know folks! 🙂

First, here are some pics of the brand new, gorgeous Lynx Faux Fur Pupsaver. Grrrowl!

The only officially crash tested, rear-facing car seat for small dogs. Pupsaver on


Pupsaver back of lynx fur style


Can you just picture your baby inside? It’s very cozy. Sophie took to her leopard one right away, after turning her nose at the other car seats I’ve tried.  She’s a fussy one, our Sophie, but she knows quality! LOL

The special Bark & Swagger offer

With the holidays upon us, Pupsaver wanted to do something special for Bark & Swagger and you! The Bennett’s have offered us a special price for the Lynx Faux Fur style of $134.95;  $25.00 or about 20% off of the regular price! You can only access this special offer hereand it’s good through January, 2015.

If you still have holiday shopping to do, this is truly a gift of love. And, it’s always the right time for that.

Do you have a car seat for your dog? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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