How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!


Does your dog have a rash, hot spots, fresh sutures, a wound? Do you want to preserve the ointment or salve you’ve just put on his skin? I recently wrote about the amazing Suitical Recovery Suit®, a full body, stylish suit for dogs or cats to protect their skin from scratching, biting and licking. But, if this condition happens to be on her front leg, Suitical’s Recovery Sleeve® is a great choice.

We are giving one away to a lucky Bark & Swagger follower, so read on to see how to enter!

The Recovery Sleeve® is a left/right interchangeable front leg protection for recovering dogs that protects hot spots, wounds, surgical sutures and bandages, ointments, skin conditions and more.

Made from high quality cotton/stretch fabric, it provides comfort and flexibility.  An adjustable closure around the chest offers perfect fit. And, the pressure created around the chest from a properly snug fit, helps reduce stress, too.

And, it’s economical. With the sleeve protecting bandaging, pet parents don’t have to run back and forth to the vet quite as often as they might, were it exposed to the elements, of both the environmental and canine variety!

It’s helping shelter dog, Benny…


how to stop your dog from biting itself-the Suitical Recovery Sleeve

Benny in his Suitical Recovery Sleeve

At the shelter I volunteer for, a staff person and I recently tried a Suitical Recovery Sleeve® on Benny, one of their dogs who’d had an operation to repair a badly healed broken bone in his leg. When we unwrapped the sleeve, the first thing we noticed is how soft it felt. We liked the feel of the cotton and the stretch it had. It came in black, but has this bright blue lining we thought was really cute.

It was very easy to put on, and with some adjusting the closure around the chest, fit really nicely on Benny. We had him walk in it and liked that it didn’t impede his movement at all. They were relieved to know they didn’t have to wrestle with Benny to get his cone of shame collar on again, because when Benny went to lick or bite his leg, the Suitical Sleeve was there to protect it.

And, they liked that it kept his bandage clean and intact longer.

The shelter is keeping the Suitical Recovery Sleeve® and asked for a couple more. They never know when they’ll need it.

What can the Recovery Sleeve® do?

how to stop your dog from biting itself-the Suitical Recovery Sleeve


To summarize:

  • covers the affected area completely
  • acts as a great first aid tool
  • helps with anxiety management
  • protects hot spots, wounds, bandages
  • great after surgery to protect sutures
  • preserves application of ointment or salve to a wound longer
  • great for skin allergies & other skin conditions affecting the front legs
  • made from high quality cotton and lycra
  • freedom to move, eat, drink
  • comfortable, breathable
  • washable

Another tip


How to stop your dog from biting itself and more. The Suitical Recovery Suit is a dream!

Sophie in her Recovery Suit


While my own dogs haven’t needed the sleeve as yet, the Suitical Recovery Suit® practically saved our lives a couple of weeks ago, when my Sophie had a terrible reaction to a finishing spray a groomer put on a bandana around her neck. It was such a bad reaction, she needed to see a dermatologist, go on medication and we were unable to get the reaction under control, even with antihistamines, for a week. Without our Recovery Suit® to protect Sophie’s neck and chest from her constant scratching, she would’ve been in much worse shape. We are so, so thankful for this product and can’t recommend it highly enough!

The Giveaway!

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Choice of size.

Good luck, everyone!


As pet parents, we’re always looking for products to make ours and our pets lives easier. When it comes to them being in distress, the importance of how good, safe and user-friendly that product is becomes all that much more important. That’s why I like Suitical, and I think you will, too.

Could you use something like a Recovery Suit or Sleeve in your first aid arsenal? 

You can learn more about the Suitical Recovery Suit® here.

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