The only smart carpet that is both stain and wear resistant carpet with built in nanoloc technology. Great for children and pets.

Ani, Jasper, Albie & Sophie pretending to behave. They fooled you, right?


How many times have you walked past that carpet stain that just won’t come out and thought, maybe carpet wasn’t such a great idea? Despite that I love the feeling of rolling around on a soft, plush carpet, playing with my pack, I’ve shied away from any for that very reason. Then, I discovered Mohawk’s smart carpet solution. It’s called SmartStrand Forever Clean, and it was made for people with pets. Read on to discover what makes SmartStrand so very awesome and a huge sale Mohawk has going on right now!

I was introduced to the brand at the BarkWorld Conference last year, and I loved that practical could look so stylish. I knew certain carpets were stain resistant, but had no idea there was a brand using such advanced technology, that I could be the klutz I sometimes am, spill a glass of red wine on my gorgeous rug and get away with it! Then, of course, there’s our four dogs. Jasper, as many of you know, is a terrier terror, and will look for the nearest fabric of any kind to roll like a maniac in, sometimes just after running past us into the house from a nice, good back rub in the dirt. Uh huh, you know what I’m talking about. So, this news was big.

Mohawk is so confident of its smart fabric, that it’s the first and only flooring company that offers a lifetime warranty and protection for its SmartStrand Forever Clean, that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time…for life. So, say goodbye to taking off your shoes, when you come in the door, to worrying about Fifi or Fido tracking in dirt or to you, like me, spilling that occasional something. Want to find out how this all works? It’s pretty cool!

How does this smart carpet work?


The only smart carpet that is both stain and wear resistant carpet with built in nanoloc technology. Great for children and pets.


SmartStrand is engineered to permanently resist stains, so spills sit on top of the fibers. But then, there’s Nanoloc™. No, it’s not an episode of Mork & Mindy, it’s an advanced technology where the spill and soil shield is literally woven into the carpet fiber at a molecular level. It’s your added layer of protection. There are no chemicals to worry about, nothing that can rub or wash off of the carpet onto your skin, your child’s or your pet’s skin. Who wants to expose ourselves, our kids or pets to any more toxins than we do just living in today’s world? Mohawk has the only carpet that offers this. Nano nano!

In the mid-1990s, DuPont™ and Mohawk co-produced this enhanced polymer that gave yarn the resiliency and durability of nylon, the flexible dye-ability of nylon and the inherent stain/soil protection of PET, what had been used up until then but was limited in effectiveness. This new fiber was named Triexta and, apparently, it was the culmination of a 60-year quest to create a carpet that could do both.


The only smart carpet that is both stain and wear resistant carpet with built in nanoloc technology. Great for children and pets.


SmartStrand Forever Clean is also engineered to resist matting and crushing, again built into the fiber, causing it to bounce back when walked on and look great over time. Its SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean, the SmartStrand luxury line of carpets, was tested and retained its luxe appearance after 60,000 footsteps. That’s pretty amazing!

In 2014, Mohawk installed SmartStrand Forever Clean onto the Puppy Bowl X field to show that household pets are no match for it. This test was just one of many that included installing SmartStrand in the Dallas Zoo, at 12 food festivals and at Tough Mudder. Over 10 years, it’s been proven in more than 7 million homes.

Colors, Textures Galore!


Some mild chaos during the shoot

Some mild chaos during the shoot


So, maybe you’re now saying that this carpet sounds interesting; that it may fit into your lifestyle really well. Maybe you’re thinking you won’t have a lot of choices because that, along with all this carpet can do, would be too good to be true. It is true. The sheer volume of color choices and textures is enough to give you a serious case of kid in candy store. Mohawk offered to send me an area rug to test. I wanted a certain shade of blue/gray. Can I tell you I spent a good hour looking through the options, and that was focusing only on my color choice! You definitely don’t have to compromise when it comes to getting the color, shade and texture you want. You also have the option of SmartStrand Forever Clean or SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean, the luxury collection. And, any carpet can be custom bound into any sized area rug, too.

My pack and I tested this carpet. Jasper rolled all over it. I spilled on it. The dogs ran around on it, scratched it, ate bully sticks on it, and it stood up to our tests really well!

It’s beautiful, practical AND eco-friendly


I knew Mohawk was a major flooring brand. What I didn’t know is its also the biggest recycler in the flooring industry. Mohawk keeps more than 3 billion bottles out of land fills each year, because they’re recycled into its EverStrand carpet. And, both the SmartStrand and SmartStrand Silk I told you about? Both are beautiful and conscious, too, using biosourced, rapidly renewable fibers, made from corn. Nice!


The Love Your Floor Sale is Happening Now!


The only smart carpet that is both stain and wear resistant carpet with built in nanoloc technology. Great for children and pets.


Who loves a great sale! This one is pretty impressive and ends May 23, so if you’re interested in adding carpeting or an area rug to your home, this is a great opportunity to do it. Save up to $500 or 50% off on select styles of SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet! Access the form to receive your coupon and shop the sale!

Let”s Review

Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet is, as they say, The most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.™ Here’s why:

  • 0% moisture absorption to eliminate pet odors in the carpet fiber
  • Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield built into the fiber itself, for quick and easy cleanup. Won’t wash or wear off with time.
  • 3X easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander
  • Lifetime, built-in stain protection
  • Colors and textures galore to choose from
  • Offers a luxury line in SmartStrand Silk


The only smart carpet that is both stain and wear resistant carpet with built in nanoloc technology. Great for children and pets.


What more could you want if you’re choosing carpet? Our new area rug has become that carpet I wanted. Signing off now, to go roll around on it with my pups.


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Could carpeting be a part of your home decor plans?

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