Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog

Miss Puglicious in a baby pink shag C-Shaped Bed


Today, it’s all about Home Decor because I have an exciting announcement to make! I’ve just added a NEW designer to the Boutique, the first in the Home Decor category! Custom dog beds is just the beginning. Want to know more? Read on!

Are you a Home Decor lover? Here’s how you know:

  • when you pass a home goods store, you have to go in. Maybe you’ll find that thing you were looking for forever!
  • your inbox is filled with emails from your favorite home accessories shops
  • pillows, throws, decorative do dads get you excited
  • you have to have your dog’s bed, blankets (sometimes even toys?) match your color/design scheme

If you’re nodding your head yes to any of these right now, we’re part of the same tribe! That’s why I’m so excited to have finally found a Home Decor brand I love enough to include in my Boutique. It’s called Puppy Hugger™ and Elaine Doran and her adorable Havanese, Zoey, are the founders and sole proprietors, creating high quality, beautiful beds, blankets, pet carrier inserts, crate pads and crate covers.


Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog

Albie in his new Puppy Hugger C-Shaped bed


Elaine was kind enough to make a bed for Albie, our little boy Chihuahua, so I could see and feel the quality of the piece and, can I just tell you, all the dogs keep stealing the little guys spot! It’s like Albie has to make a reservation to lay in his bed! That’s why I’ve just ordered three more, so each of my canine cuties has their own.

Here’s what I loved about the Puppy Hugger™ custom dog beds:


Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog


  • the fabric choices are phenomenal and stunning. You won’t believe how many choices you’ll have.
  • the fabric is super soft yet sturdy and all are machine washable and dryer safe (except the faux furs). You throw the entire bed in so it never loses its shape.
  • there are several styles and lots of sizes, so there’s one that’s right for your dog, from a teacup to a titan (read on for more on the styles)
  • you can choose 3 different fabrics for the Cloud Nine bed, so you can get really creative
  • there are no zippers, tags or other things attractive to a puppy or a chronic chewer with which to get into trouble

Types of Puppy Hugger™ Products in the Boutique

Cloud Nine Bed – This is the opulent bed; the one that screams luxury. It’s a deliciously cozy haven for your pet. Substantial and elevated off the ground because of its gusset, it’s like your pup is climbing onto her throne, seriously. The Cloud Nine comes in 7 sizes, from XX-Small to Large, and X-Large in the Round and Rectangle shapes. Starts at $89.99 and goes up to $449.99.


Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog


C-Shaped Bed – Personally, I love this one and bought this style for my guys. Why? It’s got a retro looking vibe I like, and I love the shape; there’s nothing like it out there I’ve found. It’s perfect for my two Chihuahuas, who might have a hard time getting in and out of a Cloud Nine. It’s also perfect for puppies (same reason) and seniors, who won’t have to navigate a climb to get cozy. Also comes in lots of sizes, from Teacup at $119.99 to XX-Large, which fits up to a 90-lb dog, at $249.99.


Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog

Chief Inspector and Tester, Zoey, trying one out.


The Pet Carrier Snuggly Insert – This is such a great item to have on hand.  What’s better than turning your pet carrier, which may be fabulous on its own, into an even more fabulous den for your precious pooch? This insert is so soft and lush, it will make the experience of travel, whether near or far, a much more pleasant, stress free one. Then, pull it from the carrier and use as a nap pad for the little ones. The sky’s the limit with fabric and color choice, just like the beds. Comes in 2 sizes – X-Small (fits a 17″ x 8″ carrier) at $28.99 and Small (fits an 18″ x 12″ carrier) at $34.99. Perfection!


Puppy Hugger-petcarrier1-581x900


Gorgeous custom pet carrier inserts for small dogs & cats


The Pet Blanket – Another must have item in the house, in the car or for travel. It’ll do double duty. It’s soft, comforting and warm, and will protect your furniture, bedding and car upholstery from sharp claws and shedding coats. It can second as a bed away from home or a very cozy, safe place to get toasty and relax. They run from XX-Small to X-Large and from $43.99 to $181.99. If you’ve seen how much high quality designer throws sell for, this is a great price. I love that about Elaine’s creations; value for money.


Luxury custom dog blankets for any size dog

Luxury custom dog blankets for any size dog

Puppy Hugger-brown blue dot, pale blue plush blanket51-600x600

Our Valentine’s Day Special!


Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog


If you love what you see and would like to surprise your pup with a brand, new plush bone toy, you get one for FREE with the purchase of a Puppy Hugger™ bed, until February 18th. A great gift for you and your dog.


How To Wash Your Puppy Hugger™ Bed & Other Products:

All of the Puppy Hugger™ products can be machine washed. Use Cold water/Delicate Cycle. Elaine suggests vacuuming off any loose hairs & bits of food before putting in the wash. She cautions against using top-loaders with agitators, because the agitator will damage the fabrics. She suggests visiting the Laundromat with anything too big for your home machine. Do not over-stuff items into the washer. There’s no need to add fabric softener, but if you want to, Elaine says no more than 1/2  teaspoon.

After washing, shake your faux fur items gently, reshape them & let them air dry. Anything that is made without faux fur can go in the dryer, lowest setting and remove while slightly damp. No dryer sheets.

Then, just a gentle shake and your Puppy Hugger™ will spring right back into shape. For faux furs, once air dried, shake off any loose hairs, then gently comb with a wide-toothed dog comb to finish and, voila! A gorgeous bed, once again.

In Summary

Gorgeous custom dog beds for any size dog


I spent the past few months looking for the right home decor brand to feature in the Bark & Swagger Boutique and, in Puppy Hugger™, I’ve found it. Great style, great quality, great choices, great value for your money. I hope this post has been a helpful introduction to Puppy Hugger™!

What’s important to you in a dog bed?






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