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Allison Hayes; The Rock Girl

Allison Hayes;
The Rock Girl

“It is my belief that Life is a wondrous journey of living, loving, learning and spiritual evolution, and I am fiercely committed to honoring the Divine that dwells within us all.” Allison Hayes, “The Rock Girl”

Everything is made of energy.  The desk I’m writing on, the computer I’m using. You. Me. Our pets. I can actually feel it sometimes, when I hold my palm still, next to my body and feel it start to heat up. Has that happened to you, too? So it made sense to me that animals, who are such sensitive beings, would feel and respond to various forms of energy. When my new friend, Madelaine Saia, of Diamonds in the Ruff Ruff, introduced me to Allison Hayes, aka The Rock Girl, I knew I wanted to meet her in person. Allison is ordained as a High Priestess of Stones by the Knight’s Templar. I thought that was pretty cool. Having a highly sensitive, sometimes anxious little dog in Sophie, I was curious to explore whether the healing energy of stones really exists. So, how better to do that then with a trip to the Rock Room in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen for a reading with The Rock Girl. What follows is Sophie’s case study, Part One.

A little background on Allison

The Rock Girl has over 20 years experience, having apprenticed under Master Stone Teachers in both the USA and Europe. Allison is the only known female ordained as a High Priestess of Stones by the Knight’s Templar. Now, get this. Some of her training included sitting blindfolded in the woods with a bucket of muddy water filled with various stones. She had to identify the stones, simply by their vibration, as there was no other way to determine what they were. Allison learned the ancient ways of the Masons and Master Stone Teachers, an education only handed down by word of mouth throughout thousands of generations. In other words, when it comes to stones, Allison is the real deal.

The healing power of stones-a dog case study on Bark and Swagger

The Rock Room

The Rock Room

My husband, Sophie and I headed off to The Rock Room on a crisp and sunny Saturday afternoon. After entering the building and going up in the manually operated elevator (you don’t see many of them around anymore), we arrived at Allison’s door. The best word I could use to describe what it was like entering this den of beautiful stones is otherworldly. Rows and rows of gorgeous, raw mineral stones lined the walls and table in the center of the small room. Ornate Middle Eastern rugs were strewn around the floor. It was at once calming and fascinating. I had to take a picture to show you a section of it.

The reading

Sophie entered the space with trepidation and curiosity. She promptly started checking out the room, sniffing around, but she was definitely wary. Allison moved to her slowly, and started stroking her back. What she was doing, which she explained later in the session, was getting an energy reading from Sophie. What does this mean? She explained:

“Pets and children are very much on the same frequency. They’re highly sensitive, and they’re very pure. Especially with pets that are anxious – dogs in particular – the important thing is to re-establish their connection to the Earth chakras.” In other words, when she held her hand just above Sophie’s body, she was able to feel the vibration or frequency of her energy or auric field. And, that it was important to ground  Sophie, give her that feeling we get when we feel solid inside and connected.

Allison explained some very cool connections between animals and our planet. The Earth chakras are in alignment with something called the solfeggio frequencies, which are the natural healing tones of the earth. When dolphins and whales speak, they apparently do so in these tones. In fact, the sound a whale makes is exactly the same tone as the Earth makes, spinning on its axis. I didn’t’ know that, did you? So, when you want to calm an animal down, it’s best to re establish that link to the Earth. Ok. So far, this sounded alright.

Allison scanning Sophie's body

Allison scanning
Sophie’s body

Allison taught us that cats resonate more towards quartz stones, and dogs resonate more towards calcites. The calcite family are sedentary stones, which means they  were formed by the sediments running off of the Earth and compacting, so they have a very soothing energy to them. Quartz, on the other hand,  comes from the belly of the earth and is explosive; it comes out as liquid and then it dries. Quartz is an activator stone. Dogs like the soothing, lower frequency stones.

An interesting factoid we learned from Allison: while we’ve heard how the ancient Egyptians revered cats and viewed them as sacred gods and goddesses, they also had sacred dogs. Dogs were looked upon as protectors of the earthbound people and earthbound spirits, because they had a lower frequency more connected to the Earth, where the cat’s frequency was more connected to above. Her lesson was: it’s important, when doing this work, to connect to the frequency of the species of animal you’re working with, as well as to the individual animal.

As Allison was scanning Sophie’s body, she felt something was out of alignment around Sophie’s heart chakra. “It feels like there’s a little bit of grief or loss in there,” she commented. “I know you mentioned getting a boy dog, and that may not be a bad idea.” I wanted to know more about this heart chakra thing. “Come feel her chest here (by her heart),” Allison suggested. “Can you feel it’s a bit hotter there than on the other side?” Yes, I could. Even hovering my hand over the area, without touching her, I could feel it. And, here’s where it got really interesting.

The Crystal Bible

The Crystal Bible

Tomorrow, you’ll learn what Allison discovers about Sophie that’s making her so anxious. If you’re interested in finding out more about stones, this book comes highly recommended by Hayes. The Crystal Bible has sold over one million copies worldwide. It’s author, Judy Hall, is the leading authority on crystals and spiritual development; she has over 40 years’ experience in crystal healing, karmic astrology and past-life therapy. She is the author of over 40 books, including the bestselling Crystal Bible (2003) and The Crystal Bible 2 (2009), as well as Crystals to Empower You (2013).

Do you have  a dog with issues that an energy reading might help? Tell me in the Comments below.

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