Global Pet Expo Pet Industry Conference

Snapshot from 2013
Global Pet Expo

I’ve packed the car, sent Sophie to Aunt Norma’s ’til my husband arrives, and I’m hitting the road! Destination? The biggest pet convention of the year: Global Pet Expo. My mission? Discovering great goodies to share with you! New clothing companies and styles that may not have hit the market yet; cool gadgets that make our lives with our pups easier and more fun; awesome accessories we can’t live without…I’ll be on the beat to uncover the best of the best.

Global Pet Expo 2013 snapshots

2013 convention floor

With three football fields worth of exhibitors at Global, there’ll be plenty to share.  And, I want you all to be there with me, not only in spirit, but experiencing the cool things I am in real time. I’ll be posting, tweeting and Instagram’ing each day, so if you’re not following Bark and Swagger on social, join us now and get a first hand glimpse into what it’s like to be there, on the floor, in the booths, at the press conferences and awards presentations. Facebook is Bark and Swagger; Twitter is @BarkandSwagger  Instagram is BarkandSwagger.

When I return on Friday, I’ll begin writing about the experience and the best products I’ve found in detail. So, wish me luck! I’m excited as all get out. Also, giving a shout out to the wonderful ladies of Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN), a fantastic industry group I belong to. I will be staying with a few WIPIN members at Global and will also share with you some of the fabulous products they make for dogs.

See you on social from the convention floor!

Until next time…


Global Pet Expo pet convention

Puppies at a booth

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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