Interactive dog game for feeding that's unique.


Do you Wooly? Sophie, Jasper and Ani do, and you could, too. What’s a Wooly? It’s all about environmental enrichment for dogs. Come with me and discover this cool-looking product that’s also a great home decor piece! It’ll make your pup happy!

The Wooly as Interactive Dog Game

The Wooly is a foraging experience for dogs that creates a unique eating experience. It looks like a stylish noodle rug, but so much cooler. Made by a woman-owned coop in rural Thailand, the Wooly is rolled, upcycled t-shirts that, when sewn together, stimulates a dog’s natural instincts for hunting food in grass and fields.

“We wanted to emulate foraging in the home; we basically wanted to mimic grass,” explained Dennis O’Donnell, head of Paw5, the manufacturer of the Wooly and other cool environmental enrichment experiences for dogs.


Interactive dog game for feeding that's unique.


I threw some treats into the Wooly, and set Sophie alone, and then Jasper and Ani together on it, and they had a great time discovering where the treats were hidden. I said Sophie, alone, because our little princess wasn’t a good sharer. She made it very clear that Jasper wasn’t welcome. She did allow Ani to grab an edge. LOL

Our dogs’ sense of smell is 40 times more sensitive than ours. So, it was great to observe how engaged my dogs were in the experience! Anytime I can stimulate their brains and entertain them, that’s a good thing.


Interactive dog game for feeding that's unique.


Interactive dog game for feeding that's unique.

OK, I’m done.


The Wooly makes feeding time interesting. If you’re a dry food feeder, this is perfect for you, turning a five second gobble into a more satisfying, engaging eating adventure. We feed raw, so we use the Wooly for a treat break. And, they look forward to it!

And, I love that it’s a sleek, modern addition to the home. It comes in this slate grey color that goes with anything. It’s machine washable and made from non-toxic and safe materials.

Check out Jasper and Ani having fun.



The Miller-Young pack gives the Wooly 5 stars! (we’d say a thumbs up, but we can’t lift our thumbs!).

5 star rating


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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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