If you love fashion, New York City is the place to be right now. New York Fashion Week, the Westminster Dog Show and the New York Pet Fashion Show are here, and for us dog-loving, fashion-loving girls and guys, it made me think about some of the stylish pups in this town. I don’t have to look further for dog fashion inspiration than Instagram to get my daily dose. There’s Elly of @EloiseCloset and Holly of @HollyHappyHavanese, two girls who have style to spare. But, there’s more, as you’d guess, in such a fashion-conscious city. Here are some of my favorite InstaFabulous dogs, for whom fashion is simply a way of life.

Elly of @EloiseCloset

dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


For sweet polka dot sweat shirts, great looking scarves and charming tee’s, look no further. Emma, dog mom to Elly, the carefree, feminista who wears her hair in the cutest pigtails I’ve seen, is a dog fashion designer. She makes all of Elly’s clothes and they’re available for purchase in her Studio Eloise shop.

Holly of @HollyHappyHavanese


dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


For the girl who knows where to shop, what she wants and how to get it, this is your Insta Stop. Holly is an adorable and very savvy New Yorker, who mixes wise words with whimsical, New York-isms. And, it’s always about what’s fashionable.

Mabel of @apugnamedmabel

dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


Mabel Priscilla the Pug has her paw on the pulse of what’s trending, and she does it in perpetual #tongueouttuesday style. Whether it’s a rainbow-colored mohawk hat paired with a chunky knit or a hot pink faux fur vest, Mabel brings it and I can’t wait to see what she’s throws on next.

Oscar of @OscarFrenchieNYC

dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


Billed as a model, DJ and fashionista, or “o” in this case, Oscar definitely brings a put together look for the guys in the pack. His baseball hats askew with a plaid flannel or his fedora and double breasted jacket land in the sweet spot of cool kid, yet approachable, and Oscar pulls it all off with charm to spare. Unfazed by the roarrr of his 157,000 followers, he’s just livin’ life, but trust me, he’s doing it looking very good.

Leona of @MsLeonatheLion

dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


When you can pull off large, super fabu shades, a denim shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pink tutu and make it look like, hey, I just got up and threw this on, well…you’ve got some serious style. And, Leona has some serious style. I love her statement sunglasses and pigtails and that her dads are her biggest champions.

Mochi of @MochiandtheCity

dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


Mochi, like Elly, is about cool minimalism. It’s all about that one piece that stands out. Chunky sweater or plaid hoodie, crisp leopard pj’s or pop of color cozies, whatever it is, Mochi looks put together and beautiful.

Sprout of @brussels.sprout

dog fashion and the NYC Instagram Fashionistas


Half of Sprout’s charm is his perpetual frown and big eyes, but the other half is his style, which is equal opportunity. Whether paying homage to 80’s nerd style or going classic, funky or downright dapper boy, Sprout stands out.

If you’re in NYC today and can brave the snow, join me at the New York Pet Fashion Show at the Hotel Pennsylvania. You’ll find me on the red carpet doing interviews or taking pictures of the great designs. This year’s theme: Global Couture for Rescue. Come out and say hi!

Is your dog a fashion hound? What’s their style?


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Written by Jody Miller-Young

What does stylish mean to you? I’m passionate about animals, fashion, travel, home decor and rescue, and that’s what you’ll find here. After a recent move to Fort Lauderdale from NYC, we’re loving our new life in the sunshine. Welcome to my world! Grab your favorite beverage, curl up and stay awhile.