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Who doesn’t love hopeful shelter dog stories and ones with happy endings? Fellow pet-loving pal, Larry Kay of Positively Woof, his Facebook page with 1.6 million fans (that’s right!), started telling these wonderful shelter dog stories in in a web video series, in collaboration with Pet Orphans of Southern California. They showcase the shelter’s dogs up for adoption and what makes them so special. I love them, and will be sharing one a month, so we can help these pups out by spreading the word about their fabulousness!

I learned how powerful sharing about shelter animals could be first hand recently, when I created a flyer for two Chihuahua babies I fell in love with at a local shelter, where I volunteer. After putting my flyer up on a Chihuahua Facebook group page, it was shared by quite a few people and, before I knew it, the calls started coming in from all over the country with potential adoptees. It was the most wonderful thing ever!


The Positively Woof video series is sponsored by You can see all of the animals up for adoption at

Jazz’s Story

It’s Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and we’ll be linking this post up to the BlogPaws BlogHop in honor of celebrating shelter dogs and encouraging us all to be heroes for them. Jazz is a six year old German Shepherd beauty. She’s one of the oldest dogs at Pet Orphans, but also one of the coolest. Jazz has a very sweet personality. She’s playful and possesses the calm of a senior dog, which is really nice when you don’t want to be chasing a puppy around the house. She’s trained to walk beautifully on leash and knows all the basic commands.

That’s one of the wonderful things about Pet Orphans. They consider training a top priority. It’s all positive reinforcement-based and has been a powerful tool in helping to get dogs adopted. Oftentimes, it’s lack of training that lands these pooches in the shelter in the first place. They don’t know, yet they suffer.

Here’s what Larry Kay had to say about this project very close to his heart: “We’re making these films with three goals in mind: to help those dogs we film get adopted into great homes; to support Pet Orphans with awareness and fundraising; to show how awesome shelter dogs everywhere are. The single biggest reason that shelter dogs don’t get adopted is training. As we make these short films, we train the dogs. Since we launched the project, dozens of dogs have been filmed and gotten adopted. We’re making new videos with new dogs every week. It’s one of the most rewarding filmmaking experiences I’ve had in my 20-year career.”

Pet Orphans also has a campus that features indoor kennels for shelter dogs and cottages for shelter cats and kittens. There is a low-cost veterinary clinic, full-service dog training facility, retail shop, and spaces for pet photography and filmmaking. It’s a cool place!

Here’s the video Positively Woof created to showcase Jazz. Pass it around and be a hero for shelter dogs!

You can view more warm, fuzzy and inspiring shelter dog videos on the Positively Woof YouTube channel. Check it out!



Discover great animals up for adoption, and Like Pet Orphans, while you’re at it, on their Facebook page.

Do you have a great shelter dog story? Share it here!

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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