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I love getting a surprise in the mail, don’t you? It’s fun to open the box, peel away the tissue and see what’s inside. If it’s a present for Sophie, she knows. She’s rocking that little tush back and forth, ears perked expectantly, eyes wide, as if to say, ‘Me? That’s for me? Quick! Open it, Mom!’ So, imagine how much fun it would be to get a cool assortment of treats, toys and accessories for your baby every month. PetBox offers a goodie box to howl about, and you can have it your way.

PetBox were kind enough to send us a sample box, which had some great stuff, including a plush toy Sophie really likes, a bottle of Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care that may come in handy and a bunch of treats. But what I really like about PetBox is, I can leave it to them to curate the box, or I can choose exactly what I’d like myself. Because I’ve very particular about what I give Sophie, with her sensitive tummy, if I want only certain treats or no treats at all, I can do that! And they have so many great products, some I’m already a fan and customer of, that each month Sophie wouldn’t be the only one anticipating the arrival of her treasure chest! 🙂  With options like dog fashion spa luxury skin care and scent products, which I love love; Earth Heart Canine Calm, which works well for Sophie and Earth Heart Guard Well, a completely natural immune system booster made from high quality botanicals, PetHub all in one pet safety identification and location tags, plus lots of fun toys, Sophie and I are in doggy/mom bliss. 

How it works

When you become a monthly subscriber, the folks at PetBox want to learn all about your pet. Do you have a dog or cat? How big or small? It’s gender and what he or she likes. If you are going to curate your pet’s box, you choose the number of products based on a point system, with 6 points to a box. Each individual item is 1 or 2 points, so you get between 4-6 items per box. The value of the box is never less than $50.00 retail. You have the option to curate or let PetBox curate your baby’s box each month. There are several  plans to choose from, starting as low as $29.00/month, which is pretty on par with other services of this kind. And they have free shipping within the U.S., which is awesome. And what’s even better is, with every one shipped, PetBox feeds a rescue animal, and partners with a variety of shelters and rescue programs to care for neglected animals throughout the country. Yay! They even host a special #PetBoxFridays program on social media, where the social media community gets to nominate shelters to receive that week’s shipment of food and supplies. PetBox has teamed up with BOGO Bowl to supply hundreds of pounds of food to shelters and rescues each week. We love that!

With so much goodness to be had here, it would be very selfish of us to keep this all to ourselves. Bark and Swagger readers, welcome to the PetBox Giveaway! PetBox is sponsoring this giveaway and will be earmarking a PetBox for a Bark and Swagger winner!

The giveaway will run from today, April 14 until Friday, April 25th. If you just can’t wait for your pup or kitty’s PetBox, you can start your monthly subscription right away by clicking the photo or PetBox link above.

PetBox giveaway of toys, treats & accessories on Bark and Swagger

How Sophie looked when she got her PetBox

‘Scuse me, but what’s in the box?

Your PetBox will include a yummy assortment of dog or cat treats, depending on which pet(s) you have, as well as appropriate toys and accessories. And the winner can choose exactly what’s in the box! An example of what’s available to you includes treats from Honest Kitchen, Sojo and CloudStar, so they are healthy ones. For toys, there’s a great selection including Aussie Naturals and Unique Petz, and grooming/accessories include Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo, John Paul Pet Ear and Eye Wipes, and the dog fashion spa, PetHub and Earth Heart products I mentioned above. That’s just a sampling; there’s lots more.

How to enter:

It’s easy and you generate extra points for each item you do!

1) Join the SwagTeam by entering your name and email address to the purple email list banner in the right sidebar. Not too difficult, right? :-)

2) Like the Bark and Swagger Facebook page and post or tweet the message below about the giveaway on your Facebook or Twitter page:

Win a goodie box to howl about from #PetBox at #BarkandSwagger valued at $50. #giveaway #giveaways

3) Please supply your mailing address. This is to ensure we get the winner their PetBox asap. Your address will not be used if you don’t win, and the winner’s will only be shared with our PetBox rep, who will be mailing out your prize.

That’s it!

Once entered,  a random winner will be selected through GiveawayTools.com and I will email that person the good news!

Rules of the giveaway:

* no Bark and Swagger family member may enter

* must be 18 years or older

* must live in the U.S.

So, don’t delay! Get in on the goodies. Do we love anything more than to make our babies happy? It’s the best kind of high. 🙂

What are your pup’s favorite kinds of treats or toys? Tell me in the Comments below.

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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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