If you’re not living in New York City or some other still freezing place in the U. S., Spring seems to have sprung. I originally grabbed the camera to take this 52 Snapshots of Life shot for a friend’s magazine called Sniffery.com (cute name, right?).  In a little bit of self-promotion, Jasper and Sophie are wearing my new Couture by Sophie spring Moto Jackets – The James and The Ellie – both made from high-quality, cruelty-free materials.


Spring motorcycle jackets for dogs in 52 Snapshots of Life


Jasper, like the who-knew? fashion model he is, was right on point, posing. Sophie wants nothing to do with any of it, so she takes a bit of coaxing and getting it done quickly.  Hence, her ho hum, I’m bored look. But, Sophie does love her pool.

When I was shooting a couple of frames of Jasper alone, I heard my husband shout, “Sophie, no!” The little bugger had stepped in, up to her shoulders. Thank goodness the ultra suede dries easily and our sample was saved! Neat trick to ending a photo shoot fast! LOL

Pet blogging friend and colleague, Christina Berry of The Lazy Pitbull, created this fun challenge. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Just snap or choose a pic you’ve taken that matches that week’s theme and post it on your social networks, with the hashtag #52Snapshots, so we can all follow along! For pet bloggers, this is a BlogHop, so hop on!


52 snapshots of life calendar on www.BarkandSwagger.com


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Written by Jody Miller-Young
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